Captain marvel's big plan

2013-08-30 10:02:58

Puffing on a cigar and leaning back into his arm chair, 65-year-old Avi Arad looks less like a movie producer and more like a comic book fan.

Hooked on the scalpel

2013-08-30 10:02:27

When most people think of addiction, they think of substance abuse, not plastic surgery.

A million little pieces

2013-08-30 01:38:13

Somewhere in America, a woman is cutting swathes of fabric to stitch together to tell the story of the career of a retiring military officer

With a push from dad, boy motorcyclist flying high

2013-08-29 14:05:21

It's Wang Ke's debut as a guest performer at the 2013 FIM Freestyle MX World Championship.

Broadcaster a voice for the blind

2013-08-28 15:23:50

Dong Lina's voice is soft and appealing. It's hard to notice that she is visually impaired while one savors the sound of her pure Mandarin.

Seeds of hope

2013-08-28 09:40:31

Ancient millet varieties from an arid swathe of Inner Mongolia could provide food security as growing water shortages threaten agriculture globally.

Couple dedicate lives to development of education in county

2013-08-27 06:51:36

Attending the county's largest primary school in the 1980s, Pasang remembers, there was only a wooden threshold, not even a front gate. Desks and chairs were few; most of the students sat on stones, he says.

New road a changing path to prosperity

2013-08-27 06:51:36

Jikmey Dorje says no one knows better how roads can change a man's life than himself.

Key player to bring back the fun of performing music

2013-08-27 06:51:36

Many Chinese teen piano players hate music.

Electricity: a curiosity no longer

2013-08-26 06:57:37

When Chen Xianxiu opened the first electrical-appliance store in Medog in the Tibet autonomous region in November 2010, she received not only customers through her doors, but curious onlookers.

Subtle statements right on trend

2013-08-26 06:57:37

A raft of new stores is appealing to discerning fashionistas who understand true style is not always adorned with big-name labels. Tiffany Tan finds out why sometimes less is more.

Chinese films still struggle for some bling

2013-08-26 06:57:37

Why can Sex and the City make Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik household names, but fashion in China's chick flicks like Tiny Times and One Night Surprise leaves no impression for fashionistas?