Olympians are forever

2012-08-11 07:49:19

Yu Wenji, 86, is half-blind. But when he heard the theme music from the 1981 British movie Chariots of Fire, in which Eric Liddell is one of the two athlete protagonists, during the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympic Games on TV, the Tianjin resident says he almost burst into tears.

Innovative Think Plus seminar wows participants

2012-08-11 07:49:19

Author Milan Kundera quoted the ancient Jewish proverb, "Man thinks, God laughs", in his acceptance speech for the 1985 Jerusalem Prize.

What's new

2012-08-11 07:49:19

China design exhibition

Pooley's poetry on plates

2012-08-11 07:49:19

Australian chef David Pooley says being a chef is 50 percent cooking and 50 percent bringing ideas together.

3D exhibition on idyllic life

2012-08-10 14:42:33

Witness how artist Liu Qinghe transforms his landmark installation Suzhou Time Waves from a 2D work into a 3D story in his Floating Art Installation.

Czech troupe debut

2012-08-10 14:19:21

The First Black Light Theater from Czech will make its debut tour in China. After its Beijing and Shanghai shows, they will cover four other cities.

Stories from Taiwan

2012-08-10 14:15:49

Wu Nien-jen, a famous scriptwriter, director, and author from Taiwan, will be in Guangzhou to share moving stories about ordinary people he encountered.

Star-studded gala

2012-08-10 13:53:26

The China National Symphony Orchestra will stage its 2012-13 season's opening concert in Beijing.

CNSO presents animation classics

2012-08-10 13:50:47

The China National Symphony Orchestra will present a concert comprising the music of Joe Hisaishi and Hayao Miyazaki's animation works.

Pop queen on love

2012-08-10 13:49:09

Listen to the husky voice of Tiger Wong, a Taiwanese singer who has been named the "Queen of Pub", as she sings about her turbulent love life.

Li Xincao takes control

2012-08-10 13:45:17

Li Xincao (principal conductor of China National Symphony Orchestra) and the Busan Philharmonic Orchestra will perform in China in August.

Marina Lomazov performs

2012-08-10 13:29:44

Ukrainian-American pianist Marina Lomazov studied at the Kiev Conservatory where she became the youngest first prize winner of the All-Kiev Piano Competition.