Homecoming honored

2012-06-29 11:00:48

A commemorative show is being staged at the National Museum of China to mark the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland.

Chen Qiang dies: 'Perhaps God wants to watch comedy'

2012-06-28 09:44:10

Chen Qiang, a film star whose career spanned 60 years, and one of the industry's pioneers of New China, died on Tuesday night in Beijing at 94.

Pay it forward

2012-06-28 09:39:53

Seemingly destined to lead a life of comfort, Zhou Xiaoli has taken the road less traveled to open a children's rehabilitation center.

China's investments in cultural industry increase steadily

2012-06-27 16:44:13

China's annual investments in the cultural industry have increased by more than 20 percent on average.

Future of 'Tea Road' discussed

2012-06-27 11:19:19

Erenhot will hold a series of events in July and August to enhance its cultural and economic ties with the two neighboring countries.

A centenary tribute to Alan Turing

2012-06-27 11:12:33

To remember the man who has contributed so much to artificial intelligence, the Hong Kong Computer Society has organized the 2012 Alan Turing Centenary Commemoration Mini-Exhibition.

Farmer transforms into food specialist

2012-06-27 11:05:23

A farmer who shot to fame after being featured in A Bite of China has signed a contract with Beijing-based Xi Bei Northwest Dishes as a food specialist.

Having a ball and plenty of brews

2012-06-27 11:02:53

Visitors to Beijing's Solana Square can enjoy the ongoing 2012 Football Field Beer Festival.

The undercover 'migrant worker'

2012-06-27 10:58:43

Chen Jiashun has worked many jobs in Yiwu, a city in Zhejiang that's famous for its small commodity trade and vibrant free markets.

Rock of ages

2012-06-27 10:48:17

The Nuwa myth inspired La Haiqing to build a garden and park celebrating Qinghai's unique rock formations.

Growth in coastal areas harms vulnerable wetlands

2012-06-27 10:37:59

China's coastal wetlands, especially mudflats, continue to diminish at astonishing speed as coastal-based economies boom.

Flight of the ornithologist

2012-06-27 09:41:27

Australian ornithologist Chris Hassel lives a life that's as migratory as the shorebirds he studies.