Digital chic

2012-12-19 09:49:10

Some clothing designers are abandoning traditional silk-screen printing for more high-tech reproductions. It is about the trade-off between dyes and ink.

Taking care of business

2012-12-18 10:14:31

Pedro Nueno says he recognized China's potential in his first week in Beijing three decades ago.

Cold noses, warm hearts

2012-12-17 16:24:31

Dogs have always been man's best friend. And when your closest companion is down, you should offer help, support and encouragement.

Doctor Dolphin

2012-12-17 14:36:16

Dolphin-assisted therapy for children with mental disabilities has made a splash in the West, and China is now riding the experimental tide.

More luxury hotels take shark fin off their menu

2012-12-17 11:09:43

About 6 percent of luxury hotels in three major Chinese cities have stopped serving shark fin, a survey has found.

The Ivory Tower is spurned

2012-12-16 18:31:44

With anemic job growth around the world and educated young people struggling to start their careers, some are beginning to wonder if it's worth it.

An old city is getting new vision

2012-12-16 18:31:08

The elite of Venice gathered earlier this month to celebrate the career of a native son,Pierre Cardin, who turned 90 this summer.

Wood is at the heart of his designs

2012-12-15 08:26:18

When Chinese furniture designer Lu Yongzhong looked for a place to open the flagship shop for his brand, Banmoo, he didn't choose popular commercial areas and modernized buildings.

When Accra came calling

2012-12-14 09:47:34

A Chinese doctor took up a job offer in Ghana, and 26 years later he has not looked back.

Language think tank set up in Beijing

2012-12-13 15:14:29

China now has a think tank to tackle its language problems.

Star gazer

2012-12-13 14:19:10

Astronomy is no pie-in-the-sky hobby, says Beijing Planetarium's curator, who is finding new ways to promote this valuable science.

Animal magic on a trip to the 'new Ice Age'

2012-12-13 10:01:26

Bao Cheng, 42, is the owner of a decorating company in Beijing.