Tales of the American dream

2013-06-20 10:31:04

California-born artist Lenora Lee believes the most romantic story in the world is the one about her Chinese grandparents.Precious old Beijing photos

From China with love and care

2013-06-19 15:03:22

This is Liu Baichen's third ocean voyage. The 48-year-old ophthalmologist is again traveling with Chinese hospital ship No 866, nicknamed Peace Ark, on a four-month medical mission overseas.

Passionate judge learns from handling foreigner-related cases

2013-06-19 15:18:47

Liu Li was shoved into the limelight as the judge for a high-profile domestic violence case involving Li Yang, founder of Crazy English language school, and his wife earlier this year.

Baa, baa, lab sheep

2013-06-19 07:44:35

At the TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital in Tianjin, there is a very famous animal of the woolly persuasion. His name is Tianjiu, a sheep whose name has hogged headlines in the mainstream media, and whose photograph went viral on the Internet.

Finding their Zen in sports

2013-06-19 03:08:17

Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou has the only formal badminton team in China's religious circles, whose monks have competed in matches and won prizes.

Life of herdsmen through pictures

2013-06-19 09:40:17

A large proportion of Tibetans are herdsmen. For them, grazing livestock on pasture is their job as well as part of their life.

More people flock to have their 'mini-me' printed

2013-06-18 16:53:06

Having a profile sketched, a sculpture done, or a studio photograph taken is not in vogue anymore. The latest trend is having a 3-D image of oneself printed.

IN BRIEF (Page 19)

2013-06-18 07:24:53

City guide (June 19-June 30)

2013-06-17 16:05:42

City guide for big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macao during June 19-30.

From the classroom to the boardroom

2013-06-18 07:47:05

Wu Chaoqi, a 24-year-old Shanghai entrepreneur, is not sure how long his business will survive. He joked that his company's method of delivering wine by moped means that the logistics costs are far lower than those of his competitors. However, his humor underplays a serious problem. "Sure, it saves on expenditure, but also emphasizes an undeniable shortage of orders," he said.

Grass is greener at home

2013-06-18 14:54:17

Li Congying is a down-to-earth banker and a romantic poet - a rare and seemingly ambivalent combination of two identities.

Summer heat wave hits SW China's Chongqing

2013-06-18 14:06:42

The highest temperature in the city Chongqing reached nearly 40 degrees Celsius on Monday. Local meteorological center issued an orange alert for high temperature.