One of life's survivors

2012-08-14 10:35:32

The 91-year-old Cheng Yinbao, a former soldier, can't remember all the battles she fought in, but she is proud of having served her country.

Captivating characters

2012-08-14 10:25:03

Hailed as one of China's best children's picture book creators, Xiong Liang says every time he hosts a reading club, it goes on for longer than he expects.

Xiong's works

2012-08-14 10:20:31

Works of Xiong Liang, the author of children's picture books.

As perfect hosts we need to ensure safety of tourists

2012-08-14 10:10:35

It's time to clean-up miscreants preying on innocent shoppers and ensure a safe environment for everyone. As good hosts, we should make sure the only pain tourists feel is limited to their wallets.

Go Green!

2012-08-13 17:19:07

Those with original and creative ideas to recycle garbage and go green are invited to take part in a competition at Plaza 889.

Arirang Quintett

2012-08-13 17:17:41

The Arirang Quintett was founded in 2002 and comprised five musicians from the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie, which has more than 130 years of history.


2012-08-13 17:14:11

Architecture of Spatial Art, 2012 is a special show focusing on contemporary Chinese living spaces.

Assembly Line

2012-08-13 17:12:30

Li Xiaofei is presenting a series of video clips and photographs about assembly lines in the manufacturing industry.

Cervantes art

2012-08-13 16:55:05

Singer and Academy Award winner Marketa Irglova is to start her first China tour with her band in Beijing.

Using wood and mortar to build a peculiar home

2012-08-13 14:57:24

Rob and Jaki Roy have been building for 30 years. And they have been writing and lecturing on their craft at their Earthwood Building School.

In Sweden, file sharing is now sacred

2012-08-13 14:00:36

People almost everywhere are file sharing these days, using computers to download music or other materials, often ignoring copyrights. In Sweden, file sharing is a religion.

The new man, not afraid to act like a woman

2012-08-13 13:29:47

Men getting manicures and facials is no longer surprising, but lately they have delved into territory that was once solely for women: bikini waxing.