Tea time

2013-11-28 01:41:43

Tea plays an important role in many cultures, from being part of religious ceremonies in Japan, to being a daily ritual for people in England. A new documentary explores how the drink affects the lives of millions of people. Sun Li reports in Xiamen, Fujian province.

Turtle power propels Qinzhou

2013-11-27 09:54:29

An advertisement with the tagline "Raising turtles can make you a fortune" changed an orange farmer's life.

Most popular ways to fight jetlag

2013-11-25 09:58:53

Jetlag can often be a headache, literally, for those who travel through different time zones.

Talking chocolate with a master

2013-11-25 01:32:25

"You don't look like a chocolatier. Usually, a chocolatier is plump, with a big belly," a reporter says when she meets Philippe Daue, chef chocolatier for the Pacific Rim and China at Godiva, the Belgian luxury chocolate brand.

Vision of for-profit tactics to help charities

2013-11-24 14:39:46

Lindsay Beck, a cancer survivor who had founded a successful charity.

Robots like us

2013-11-24 13:52:30

On a recent morning Natanel Dukan walked into the Paris offices of the French robot maker Aldebaran and noticed one of the company's humanoid NAO robots sitting on a chair.

Hamlet en pointe

2013-11-22 02:25:42

A star choreographer packages the madness, grief and rage of Shakespeare's prince of Denmark into a dance drama all her own, Chen Nan reports.

Monkey around

2013-11-21 01:14:34

The modernized version of the famous Monkey King musical makes jaws drop with its contemporary twists. The people behind the scenes share with Chen Jie their inspirations and their optimistic views about Chinese musicals.

Difficult work protects most vulnerable children

2013-11-20 07:07:17

A 62-year-old Canadian man, who directed a Chinese father to sexually assault his 1-year-old son over Skype, was sentenced to five years in prison last month.

Men's health grows fuzzier

2013-11-17 14:19:30

Guys are growing and grooming mustaches to raise awareness about testicular and prostate cancer in Movember.

Securing a woman's world

2013-11-17 09:45:38

Females account for a growing slice of the country's emergent bodyguard industry and must learn everything from how to endure a bottle over the cranium to tea ceremony etiquette.

Flight versus fight

2013-11-17 07:03:38

On the big screen, bodyguards are often portrayed as fighters eager to break bones and draw blood. In the real-life security business, they're actually trained to keep trouble away.