Xu Wei says his moment is now

2013-02-01 08:00:37

When Xu Wei came back on the scene after a four-year break with a new album, At the Moment, he received a letter from one of his fans.

Cloud Atlas shrugs off viewers' expectations of linear filmmaking

2013-02-01 08:00:37

Cloud Atlas, directed by Lana Wachowski, Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer, is not the conventional Hollywood blockbuster Chinese audiences usually see in theaters.

Editor's picks

2013-02-01 08:00:37

Treasure trove

Alive with color

2013-01-30 07:43:27

Wang Zhongjie, a 79-year-old Beijing native, is intertwined with rich strokes of colors on the beams, pillars, lintels and ceilings of ancient Chinese architecture.

Enigmatic entertainer

2013-01-30 07:43:27

Among the most famous Hong Kong directors, Stephen Chow may be the hardest to define. Johnny To is the cool guy, Wong Kar-wai the elegant one, and Tsui Hark the inventive one, but which description best fits Chow?

School gives symphonic concert

2013-01-28 17:33:55

Students and teachers from the Primary School attached to Chaoyang Normal College gave a symphonic concert Saturday afternoon at Peking University Hall.

Meet Barbie's much older Chinese sisters

2013-01-28 14:17:13

Dressed in the most fashionable clothes, the Barbie doll has become an icon among children's toys in the West. How do i love thee? I Love You, really

Building innovation

2013-01-28 14:00:08

Hong Kong's boom and space crunch yield inventive designs and urban planning.

Some things old, some things new

2013-01-28 13:53:39

While the traditional family structure and values have changed in recent decades, Liu Zhihua reports that some things never change.

Take the stairs, step into fitness

2013-01-23 11:07:07

I'm surprised there aren't more Chinese rugby players and wrestlers given the population's ability to push and shove every morning on the metro.

Warming up to winter

2013-01-23 10:51:15

The Chinese believes in striking a balance between yin and yang. In winter, you need to take care of the yang aspect of your body.

Micro-blogger's accounts of the dead inspire the living

2013-01-22 13:23:01

Lin Dongping's micro blog posts remind us to live every day as if it were our last.