Expensive Spring Festival gifts

2012-01-29 17:01:52

Spring Festival is a traditional time when Chinese people give each other presents. Those presents can be very ordinary or can be exhausted.

Lady guards train hard in Hainan

2012-01-29 17:01:44

On Jan 7, 20 swimsuit-clad ladies from Beijing and Guangzhou descended on the tropical beaches of Sanya, Hainan for grueling physical training and a chance at earning a high salary guarding celebrities and executives.

Back behind the scenes, it's a challenging job

2012-01-29 17:01:01

She's standing there in a room crammed full of clothes, row after row, rack upon rack of historically authentic clothing and is busy picking out various costumes and putting them on another rack.

Guardian of the bund

2012-01-27 07:28:23

She knows every story behind each building along the 2-km stretch of the Bund built during the last century.

Picture this: Friends forever

2012-01-26 09:52:04

Eight women from a small town in Zhejiang province's Wenzhou city have set a world record with their strong friendship and a simple vow.

Going home for the holidays

2012-01-20 09:26:05

More than 200 million people are expected to take to the railways over the Chinese New Year, the biggest movement of humanity in the world.

Going from garbage to cabbage and back again

2012-01-19 11:02:19

While it's not exactly transforming trash to treasure, retiree Sun Xiuli can turn her rotten vegetables into fresh organic produce.

Half-baked or overdone?

2012-01-19 10:57:41

Despite the winter chill, retired teacher Tian Liping sticks to her daily routine of standing by the trash cans in her community to check the garbage that is being dumped.

Waste not, want not

2012-01-19 10:46:53

Food waste comprises roughly 70 percent of the country's garbage and is difficult to collect, process and recycle - and hazardous not to.

Party people

2012-01-18 10:00:29

Chinese New Year parties are a traditional part of business life, but they have changed with the times.

Living in limbo

2012-01-18 09:56:43

Traveling to Mars is simple in sci-fi movies, but in reality it causes short-term and long-term health problems.

Lost in simulated space

2012-01-18 09:56:26

China's Wang Yue was one of astronauts in the Mars-500 project to discover the effects of prolonged space flight on the body and mind.