Calling all caricaturists

2012-05-16 17:06:56

The second Exhibition of Caricature on People's Livelihood will be held from June 21-24 in Jingzhou, Hubei province.

Get fit in Sichuan

2012-05-16 17:00:40

The Sichuan HKJC Olympic School in Dujiangyan, Sichuan province, recently opened with a grand ceremony.

Laowai, NOT: Doing the 'African do' in China

2012-05-16 09:54:37

Paul and Martha opened up China's first authentic African hair salon in Beijing.

First impressions count

2012-05-16 08:07:57

American Michael Stephen Kai Sui has become a Chinese Internet phenomenon by releasing videos of himself imitating people from around the world.

Research grant for grads

2012-05-15 14:55:15

College students in China can enjoy a gap year after graduation, under a 100,000 yuan ($15,800) research fund to enable them to tour and better understand China.

An app appears to teach me about life and much more

2012-05-15 14:21:38

The laptop was three generations behind the times. It was clunky, the operating system froze up twice a day like clockwork and there was no Internet connection - thanks to the broken modem.

Matches made in heaven are first discussed in the park

2012-05-15 14:20:45

While dating TV shows and matchmaking websites proliferate, parents still prefer parks as hunting grounds for finding spouses.

Good Samaritans continue spreading love

2012-05-14 09:24:11

May 12, 2008 changed the lives of many in Sichuan province due to the massive earthquake.

Understanding life through death

2012-05-14 09:20:19

Soldiers who retrieved bodies from the Wenchuan earthquake's ruins recall how the horrors of their experiences taught them to cherish their lives.

Brakes on fakes

2012-05-10 08:07:08

The Silk Market is cleaning house to sweep out counterfeits, and vendors are finding they must go legit to survive. Han Qiao from China Features reports in Beijing.

An out-of-this-world opportunity for future astronauts

2012-05-09 10:53:24

He's a rocket scientist who has faced tough questions from veteran journalists from around the world, so he was surprised when a Chinese 7th grader stumped him.

Migrant workers helped

2012-05-08 17:03:11

Migrant Workers' home, an NGO that helps migrant workers improve their social, cultural and living conditions, started a 10-day program in late April in in Beijing's Chaoyang district.