Lessons in young love

2013-09-07 00:45:45

In a conservative culture, it takes a shift in mindset for a college to encourage students to date. But to educate a young population on the art of love, further action must be taken.

Sweat and talent

2013-09-06 07:19:17

Asked to reflect on his decades-long art career, Huang Yongyu stresses every word of his reply: "It has been so toilsome."

Stripping Oedipus to the essentials

2013-09-06 07:19:17

A classic and legendary tale of ancient tragic heroes is being reinvented with a modern spirit.

Oil painting diplomacy

2013-09-06 07:19:17

An exhibition titled The Imprints of Times, which ended on Thursday, featured works of more than 50 well-known Chinese oil painters of different generations.

Capturing a continent

2013-09-05 01:03:13

Chinese amateur photographers are training their lenses on the wonder and beauty of Africa, shattering stereotypes of war and poverty to show the rich diversity of the continent.

Improved health linked to great heights

2013-09-04 13:49:50

The average height of European men grew by surprising 11 centimeters from the early 1870s to 1980, reflecting significant improvements in health across the region.

World Puppet Festival celebrated in Jakarta

2013-09-04 10:54:14

Puppet shows are presented in theaters, streets, cultural centers, parks and so on in Jakarta of Indonesia to celebrate the World Puppet Carnival.

A county for the ages

2013-09-04 07:30:36

Bama is exceptional among high-latitude areas noted for longevity. The 1964 national census recorded 28 people in the county aged 100 or older.

Chinese mothers urged to keep it real

2013-09-03 22:42:45

Ever since the World Health Organization announced China has the highest Caesarean section rate in the world in 2010, health authorities, hospitals and medical professionals have been trying to reduce the prevalence of C-section in China, experts say.

C-section vs natural birth

2013-09-03 22:36:19

More women in China are choosing Caesarean section over natural birth.

Fighting malaria

2013-09-03 11:13:48

Professor Li Guoqiao and his team from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine have been successfully combating malaria cases in the Union of Comoros in Africa since 2006.

Comical crooner

2013-09-03 11:03:50

Music and satire are global languages, and that understanding has inspired the act of Kevin McGeary, a 29-year-old Northern Irish guitarist-vocalist.