A bite of Thai food

2012-08-10 13:21:04

Bite Thailand, a Thai fruit and cuisine festival, is being held at Lotus Supermarket in Beijing.

Pop stars unite

2012-08-10 13:17:11

About 100 singers will stage a two-day music show in Guangzhou, the provincial capital of Guangdong, to celebrate the 35 anniversary of Guangdong's pop music.

Solo art in mixed media

2012-08-10 11:06:57

Lou Zhenggang, an artist, writer and TV host who lives in Japan, is holding her latest solo art exhibition at Today Art Museum in Beijing.

Laws of nature

2012-08-10 10:50:43

Join a girl's adventure into a forest in icy winter and watch how she gets help from the gods representing the 12 months of the year.

Cooking up pure tastes

2012-08-10 10:47:08

His father wanted him to be a carpenter, but Christian Hoffmannn found that he was much happier in the kitchen putting together dishes.

Love on two wheels

2012-08-10 10:47:08

A Chinese girl, who dreams of wild adventures around the world, is suddenly swept off her feet by a handsome foreign traveler.

Mediterranean move

2012-08-10 10:47:08

Mihalis Boutaris has grand plans for China that involve starting a vineyard from scratch ... and introducing people to the finer wines of his home country.

Homage to Ballard

2012-08-10 10:45:23

James Cohan Gallery is running a summer exhibition, featuring two young Shanghai-based artists, James H. Bollen and Li Wenguang.

Smart, Young rockers are electrifying

2012-08-10 10:36:27

More than 300 children from all over China gather at a weeklong camp, to play electronic instruments. Chen Nan listens in.

Veteran actor in play about death

2012-08-10 10:30:33

Culled from three Chekhov pieces, the play Requiem delves into the topic of death with stories of old peasants, a young mother and a wagoner.

Cutting-edge artists present unique show

2012-08-10 10:12:26

If you are tired of the commercially driven paintings at galleries, check out the sub-phenomena exhibition at Cafa Art Museum.

Classic story of romance returns

2012-08-10 10:09:10

Rhinoceros in Love, the only China contemporary drama that has run 1,000 times, returns to town.