Driven by smiles

2013-10-24 01:33:52

Poor kids born with cleft lip and palate in China are getting a new chance for a happy life, thanks to a charity launched by a Chinese-American executive, Liu Zhihua reports.

Lonely outpost

2013-10-23 07:23:07

Twenty-five-year-old Luo Jie, who studied at a US university and worked at a five-star hotel in Guangzhou, joined Guangzhou Customs in 2010 hoping to have a stable, respected and financially rewarding job. He did not expect to end up on an island inhabited only by staff of the customs bureau, an oil company and a power plant.

In control & breaking the mold

2013-10-23 00:20:41

Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu's new film is reflective of his career, depicting a young man's effort to control his own life, Liu Wei reports.

Going extra mile can pay big dividends

2013-09-28 09:43:37

Rauf Malik wakes up every day at 4:45 am and runs 12 kilometers on the treadmill before starting work at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Changfeng Park, of which he is general manager.

Beyond massage

2013-10-22 07:25:23

One determined student stepped off the traditional career path for blind people in China, and now savors a new life at university in Britain, Luo Wangshu and Ji Jin report.

Architect looks to the big picture

2013-10-22 00:48:21

The man behind the new People's Daily headquarters unveils the inspiration behind his controversial design, and promises the finished product will silence critics.

Future of retail lies in clicks, not bricks

2013-10-21 01:05:39

An increasing number of fashion and beauty product shoppers are turning to online sites in preference to bricks-and-mortar outlets, Tiffany Tan reports.

Upping demand for higher education

2013-10-20 08:00:48

Chinese universities are quickly becoming globally competitive, but there are still ample opportunities for international partnerships as demand for higher education is so high.

Chalk it up to great courage

2013-10-20 08:00:24

Substitute teacher Jiang Shengfa's grasp of his potential has long ago exceeded his reach.

Fang delivers a new base for Chinese language study

2013-10-19 08:27:10

It was more than a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Florence Fang, who was present for the dedication of the building she donated to Peking University to teach Mandarin to foreign students. It was the fulfillment of an important part of her China dream.

London Luxury

2013-10-19 00:36:06

The British capital's most iconic hotels are eager to welcome the growing wave of Chinese tourists, Mike Peters reports, with the city's best shopping and dining in easy reach.

Epic for the ears

2013-10-18 08:09:40

The Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Zhou Long first saw Yu Long conduct in Guangzhou in 2009. The Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra had commissioned Zhou and his composer wife Chen Yi to create an orchestral work Humen 1839.