Change of heart

2013-05-27 14:04:56

Student Lu Song volunteered to teach in a Nairobi slum for an adventure but soon developed a deep affection for the place and the people.

Shanghai plans street performer pilot

2013-05-27 10:54:09

Shanghai plans to launch a pilot program to regulate street performances and give performers more legal spaces to present their shows.

Wedding planners learn the ropes to tie the knot

2013-05-27 10:16:45

Getting married in the world's most populous country is big business. About $57 billion is spent annually on 10 million weddings in China.

Children's Day celebrated in low-carbon way

2013-05-27 09:41:46

Children at a kindergarten in Shandong province use waste materials to make toys to celebrate the coming Children's Day in a low-carbon way.

'Beautiful sides' of two different cultures in photos

2013-05-27 02:59:06

With dozens of exhibitions, Chinese photographer Steve Hui Zhao has become famous for showing the smiling faces of ordinary Chinese to the outside world.

Moulding great minds

2013-05-26 10:05:56

The Beijing Tibetan Middle School has produced many students who are now contributing to the reconstruction of the Tibet autonomous region.

A new life on the red planet

2013-05-24 10:13:29

A putative program to establish a human colony on Mars has met with a strong response from hopeful Chinese citizens.Jobs scarce as record numbers graduate

Chinese applicants

2013-05-24 10:05:12

If I got picked, I would leave my family and spend the rest of my life on Mars.

Eye of the beholder

2013-05-24 09:12:53

Today, the Chinese idea of female beauty has taken a strong swing toward Western standards, with many young women desperate for a higher bridged nose, eyelids or a sharper chin. It's a desire that has fueled a culture of plastic surgery among the wealthy.

Man of the mountain

2013-05-23 17:56:14

Surveyor Luo Junhong risks his life on a daily basis to check for potential landslides on the sloops that surround his village. Deng Zhangyu reports from Ya'an, Sichuan.

Experts redirect water to curb post-quake tragedies

2013-05-23 17:56:02

The 2008 Wenchuan earthquake rattled and crumbled the peaks that smatter Sichuan province's Longmen fault line, creating a recipe for later disasters. Just add water, and you get landslides.

Time heals but does not erase memories

2013-05-23 14:25:54

I was overwhelmed by emotions when I saw the tombstone of Teng Dengfeng in the cemetery designated for the May 12, 2008 earthquake victims of Yingxiu, Wenchuan county, Sichuan province.