Character building

2013-07-25 01:51:55

Thinking locally puts Chinese architecture in the center of today's ideas, award-winning Li Xiaodong tells China Daily reporter.

Old Lotus Pond ripples with history

2013-07-24 23:16:45

The Old Lotus Pond is perhaps China’s most likely historical site to have developed an identity crisis.

Office at the center of ancient power

2013-07-24 23:12:00

The Zhili provincial governor's office in today's Bao-ding, Hebei province, is the best-preserved Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) provincial compound because it was run by the most powerful official of the most powerful province, Zongdu — who also controlled the most powerful military to guard "Beijing's South Gate".

Exceptional and ethereal

2013-07-24 23:08:52

Modern visitors to the ancient town of Zhengding discover Longxing's Big Buddha is an exceptional figure — but ultimately an idiosyncratic entity that dwells in a settlement packed with peculiarities.

Finding the right balance for a healthy life

2013-07-24 10:40:34

If you are spending more time running, walking or pumping iron in the gym and still not losing weight, fitness experts say it could be because you are having too big a reward for too little exercise.

Summer heat brings surge in patients

2013-07-24 02:00:49

The emergency room has recently treated more than 1,100 patients a day. The first-aid room treats more than 60 patients each day, and at peak times, that number exceeds 100.

Police crack down on drugmakers

2013-07-24 01:50:47

Police have visited the Shanghai office of British drugmaker AstraZeneca, as China intensified a crackdown on commercial corruption in the medical sector.

New screens can pinpoint gene mutation

2013-07-23 23:18:44

The Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has developed a new technique to scan for mutations in the gene p53 to detect malignant genetic changes in human body.

Lurking threat

2013-07-23 23:09:25

It can take years for a hepatitis B infection to turn into cirrhosis of the liver and even cancer, and the lack of early symptoms means people are far too complacent, experts tell Liu Zhihua.

When it gets hot

2013-07-23 16:00:40

People around the world try different ways to protect themselves from the heat in summer.

Edinburgh Festival Carnival starts with grand performance

2013-07-23 15:02:59

Edinburgh Festival Carnival started on Sunday with music, dance, costumes, and street entertainment in all shapes, sizes, and sounds on Princes Street and in Princes Street Gardens at the city center.

Nadam Festival commemorating Genghis Khan opens in Inner Mongolia

2013-07-23 15:02:59

A Nadam Festival in memory of Genghis Khan kicked off Thursday in Ordos, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.