Cross-Straits hospital opens in August

2012-05-23 10:37:35

The first cross-Straits hospital in Beijing will be open in August.

The gift of life

2012-05-23 10:29:50

For 36 years, Li Suzhi has overcome the odds and the altitude to give health and hope to Tibetans. Zhang Yue reports in Lhasa.

Change of heart

2012-05-23 09:36:20

A man, who lived with a protruding and defective heart for 24 years, is finally able to walk upright.

Begging the question of our moral richness

2012-05-22 10:47:02

She stretched out her only arm at me. It took me a few seconds to register, but I bent down and gave the box of leftover pizza to her. With no legs and only one arm, she had been begging on the streets of Shanghai.

Portraits of change

2012-05-21 18:55:36

An ardent historical photo collector has published the portraits of a man who had his picture taken every year from 1907-68, some of China’s most important years.

Rich in kindness

2012-05-21 10:23:23

Billionaire behind major philanthropic projects says there's always more to do. Zhang Yuwei reports in New York.

Architecture fraternity mourns Luo's death

2012-05-21 10:15:36

China lost a great ancient architecture scholar, Luo Zhewen, who passed away at age 88 on May 14 in Beijing.

Yungang Grottoes in Shanxi

2012-05-18 15:31:57

The Yungang Grottoes were built against the mountain and extend about 1 kilometer from east to west.

Crafty girls, beautiful handwork

2012-05-18 14:54:03

Embroiderers make coarse cloth in Guxian county, Shanxi province.

Nanjing University History Museum and Art and Archaeology Museum

2012-05-17 09:08:53

Running one's eyes around the exhibit galleries of Nanjing University History Museum is as good as getting a bird's eye view of the making of Nanjing as it is today.

African culture to be promoted in China

2012-05-16 17:23:36

A series of events will be held around China this year to promote African culture, China's Ministry of Culture (MOC) said Tuesday.

Software discussions

2012-05-16 17:10:01

Delegates of the US Software Trade Mission visited Chengdu of China.