“Love and Sunshine” 2014 Wedding Fair

2014-04-29 14:23:39

On April 26 Traders Upper East Hotel, Beijing, in co-operation with Beijing WOW Wedding Planner, ZLY Wedding Dress, Im Aiding, I Jie Wedding Channel and other leading wedding suppliers, presented the “Love and Sunshine” 2014 Wedding Fair.

Boom Beach struggles with explosive potential

2014-04-26 10:54:12

In terms of game play it's an upgrade from CoC, with much more direction of troops. In CoC, a player drops a beacon and then troops just attack whatever is around, whereas in Boom Beach there is a flare tool that can set rally points for troops to move.

New push to take care of stray pets

2014-04-16 07:07:55

A giant dog and a cat flanked the sidewalk of Beijing's Shimao International Shopping Center on Saturday afternoon. The enormous stuffed animals were not an invasion but an effort to raise awareness about stray animals.

The future is here

2014-04-15 07:16:59

How do you assess the impact of the Ducks championship-winning journey on the city of Beijing?

A big score

2014-04-15 07:16:59

In 1990s, the popular TV series A Beijing Native in New York - about Chinese immigrants' love and struggles in pursuit of their dreams in the United States - was a sensation in China.

Color Run race held in Dongguan

2014-04-14 11:10:44

Participants take part in a Finish Festival after they arrived at the finish line during "The Color Run" in Dongguan, South China's Guangdong province, April 12, 2014.

Wizard game a real gem

2014-04-12 07:20:58

Gems, gems and more gems! Ever since the launch of Bejeweled in 2001, jewel themed matching games have become a staple of the casual gamers collection. Now throw in some elements of item crafting and hardcore collecting, and you have Pixelmatic's Gem Wizard.

Private players offer new treatment

2014-04-05 07:58:20

New companies, investors provide prescription for major change in medical services

Call to ban ivory give and take

2014-04-05 07:57:57

National political advisors have urged the government to take immediate measures to curtail the consumption and demand of endangered wildlife products.

Green wheels keep on turning, in vintage style

2014-04-03 08:21:40

Years ago, bikes were simply vehicles that transported people from one place to another. Today, fashion and vintage style have become part of bicycle culture and a cool pair of wheels is essential to a green lifestyle.

UK company collaborates on low-carbon planning guidance

2014-04-02 16:08:12

It brought together Chinese and British experts in a project team to develop low-carbon policies, practices and regulations, with a growing focus on sustainable urbanization, he said at the UK-China Green seminar during the conference.

Get beautiful without harming animals

2014-04-02 08:38:19

For the first time in its history, Humane Society International, one of the world's largest animal protection organizations, has chosen a Chinese actress, Zhu Zhu, to be an ambassador of its campaign Be Cruelty-Free in China.