Tunisian student reaches into the past

2013-03-25 13:54:26

When Belhadj Imen came to China in 2005 she was fuelled by her language studies, a love of history and childhood tales of the Great Wall.

Works by Soviet-trained Chinese artists make public debut

2013-03-25 13:50:11

Since returning from the former Soviet Union, New China's first generation of fine art students abroad had never had a group exhibition, until now.

Russian twins live China dream

2013-03-25 13:45:53

Two sisters settle down in Shenyang and call it a city full of opportunity.

An eye for glamour

2013-03-24 08:08:18

For Aldo Fallai, a one-time painter and art teacher, it took just an impulsive whim and "a very young age" to grab a camera and shoot images for six pages of the fashion bible Vogue some 40 years ago.

Art and the architect

2013-03-24 08:00:36

Architect Arthur Chan moonlights as an installation artist when he isn't busy designing interiors. Rebecca Lo drops by his latest exhibition Cityscape at YY9 Gallery to see how he deconstructs Hong Kong.

Justin Timberlake sidelines his music

2013-03-24 07:58:23

The last time Justin Timberlake released an album, in 2006, Barack Obama was the junior senator from Illinois, Jay-Z and Beyonce were not married, and iPhones did not exist. It was just a few weeks before Taylor Swift's debut album set her on the path to become perhaps the last old-fashioned pop superstar. Since then industry decline has all but eliminated the need for Justin Timberlakes, or Taylor Swifts.

Social networks bad for sleep

2013-03-22 14:02:47

Online social networks, chatting services and gaming are keeping young people up at night and disturbing their sleeping patterns.

National program to keep TCM healthy

2013-03-22 11:19:27

China's top traditional Chinese medicine authority has announced a nationwide training program.Raimi gives the origin of the wizard of Oz

Feature: The less traveled road for a successful Chinese woman in Russia

2013-03-22 09:43:40

Yuan Yi, a well-dressed Chinese lady in her 40s, ran up the stairs in Moscow's crowded Novokuznetskaya metro station with a light and graceful step.

Republic of Congo experiences China through its culture

2013-03-21 10:32:42

Fused with the technical difficulties of gymnastics, the visual impact of conjuring arts and the artistic beauty of dance, China's time-honored acrobatics have wowed audiences of the Republic of Congo.

Do you really sleep like a baby?

2013-03-21 07:35:04

Many Chinese do not sleep well, but most of them do not pay enough attention to the issue, according to the 2013 China Sleep Quality Index released by the Chinese Medical Doctor Association in Beijing on March 19, to mark World Sleep Day, which falls on March 21.

The signs are good

2013-03-21 07:35:04

Despite her hearing impairment, dancer Tai Lihua found it easy to communicate when she attended a session of the country's top political advisory body in mid March.