Teacher provides hope for special students

2013-09-26 07:14:20

For someone who had no clue about special education, Ji Siniu is now a veteran in the profession who has helped train deaf-and-mute students and integrate them into the mainstream society in Nujiang Lisu autonomous prefecture in Yunnan province.

Teaching with hope

2013-09-25 11:47:49

Giving up the chance to work in cities, seven college graduates choose to return to the familiar rural area with a dedication to improving local education in the poverty-stricken village.

Patients' health in her hands

2013-09-24 06:41:35

Her hands have been all about traditional Chinese medicine for as long as she can remember. In her current practice based in Beijing, South Africa native Karen Himlok is still surprised by Western patients who struggle with the concept of qi.


2013-09-24 00:47:45

Almost unknown in China a decade ago, the lively dance has found a following in the Middle Kingdom. Chen Nan steps out with a lively crowd.

A Spanish journey into Chinese language and culture

2013-09-21 08:19:33

They were subjects she studied in college more than 10 years ago, but for Mari Carmen Espn from Spain, Chinese - both language and culture -is very much a part of her life.

From hacker to helper of charities

2013-09-21 08:19:33

As a child, Wan Tao admired chivalrous swordsmen from ancient Chinese folklore.


2013-09-21 08:20:32

If you have been longing to challenge the thrills and tension inside the dark locked room, you might love to try out some of the sealed chambers in Beijing the editors picked out for you.

Rooms with a different kind of view

2013-09-21 08:20:32

Room Escape evolved from a classic mystery-solving online game that requires players trapped in a sealed room to find clues and get out.

World of dinosaurs that spans China

2013-09-21 08:20:02

Because of its sheer size, China has one of the most widely distributed collections of dinosaur fossils of all countries.

Dinosaur village offers new body of evidence

2013-09-21 08:20:02

The village of Jingangkou, 10 km southeast of Laiyang, Shandong province, is like any farming community. Houses dot the landscape of green patchwork fields.

Provocative public pieces

2013-09-21 08:18:44

As soon as it appeared in April in an amusement park in Luoyang, Henan province, the golden statue received a great deal of sarcastic reviews mocking its cross-over "fashion".

Two family-style eateries are where animals roam

2013-09-21 00:18:43

The Water and Nature restaurant is part eatery, part aquarium. Located near the Pudong New Area's Century Park, the city's largest, tropical fish swim in giant glass tanks built into the establishment's walls or positioned through the middle of tables.