The same but different

2013-06-02 07:59:49

The first identical quadruplet girls in China are now 25 years old. China Daily Sunday edition traces their growth.

Stuntman on a wing and a prayer

2013-06-03 01:03:54

American wingsuiter Jeb Corliss will fly through a crack between two peaks of the Jianglang mountain range in East China's Zhejiang province, a gap that is only 5 meters wide.

Children's Day observed around China

2013-05-31 16:47:01

Students in China celebrate the coming International Children's Day,May 30, 2013.

Learning to be a perfect lady proves fruitful

2013-05-31 07:49:45

Etiquette courses are on the rise in China.

No slave to tobacco

2013-05-31 11:33:35

Governments worldwide must ban all forms of tobacco marketing, not just billboards and TV ads, as companies find new ways to tap the market, the WHO said on May 29.

Survey leaves anti-tobacco advocates angry

2013-05-31 07:12:19

China ranked 13th among 14 developing countries in terms of anti-smoking efforts and measures, according to an analysis conducted by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and its counterpart in the United States.

Lives on pause

2013-05-30 17:58:47

A pensioner couple whose house was damaged in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake are stuck in their damaged home, eking out an existence amid the ruins.

Foreign universities' graduation ceremonies in Beijing

2013-05-30 16:52:59

Wang Jinjing planned to start her career in China after finishing her masters degree at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom in 2012.

Wealthier seek epiphany from holy mountain

2013-05-30 04:13:48

Six decades after humans first conquered Mount Qomolangma, a pioneering Tibetan mountaineer has told how he is helping booming numbers of China's nouveau rich to scale earth's highest mountain.

China's childhood games from the 1980's

2013-05-30 10:26:47

For those who grew up in China during the 1980's, can you remember what games you played during your childhood? Let's recall the good old days of the 80's!

What's new (May 29)

2013-05-29 17:41:27

Entertainment and art news in late May.

Community recalls a humble hero

2013-05-29 17:37:46

Everyone who knew Gyumey Dorje seems to have a special story to share about him, their gratitude and respect for the man evident in each tale.