So hot it can kill you

2012-07-25 08:07:59

When the temperatures soar, the body can overheat to such an extent that it can no longer regulate its own temperature through perspiration.

A school that knows its onions

2012-07-25 08:07:59

Li Kui, a teacher at the primary school next to the garden during the summer vacation, waters the garden's green onions carefully.

Patchwork solutions

2012-07-25 08:07:59

It is a little patch of Chinese herbs that is believed to correct the body's internal balance and works best as the hottest days of the year descend on us.

Harbin music concert

2012-07-24 13:44:19

The 31st China Harbin Summer Music Concert will be held from Aug 6-15 in Harbin, capital city of Heilongjiang province.

Fight animal fears

2012-07-24 13:43:14

Discovery Channel presents My Extreme Animal Phobia on CETV-3 every Friday at 23:52, starting from July 20.

The Mole is back

2012-07-24 13:42:03

The Czech cartoon series The Mole debuted on Channel One of China Central Television on July 13.

Aspiring astronauts

2012-07-24 13:41:33

More than 40 "left-behind children" from Sichuan and Guizhou provinces gathered at the Beijing Space Flight Center on July 19, to start their four-day adventure at the 2012 Chinese Astronaut Experience Camp.

The dreamy taste of sour bamboo shoots

2012-07-24 13:35:17

Chen Wei's dream of opening a restaurant chain in Beijing featuring a specialty from his hometown, Liuzhou, is coming true.

Bombs away!

2012-07-24 13:17:43

After working for eight years, Ji Xingang's bomb-defusing device is now used by many public security bureaus, fire stations, as well as oil and gas companies throughout China.

Mind the gap, a break from reality

2012-07-24 10:21:45

Wu Fei's gap year trip to New Zealand put him in the spotlight and made him money. His book Gap Year on a Working Holiday Visa has sold over 50,000 copies.

Closing the cultural divide

2012-07-24 09:59:20

His vision is a world that better understands China. His mission is to start with building bridges in the United States. Zhao Qiguang shares his dreams.

It doesn't matter whether you're black or white, or Chinese

2012-07-24 09:23:39

'Do you feel more white or Chinese?" I asked my son, after returning from South Africa - its history of apartheid still fresh in my mind.