What's new

2013-05-09 17:59:00

What's new

UNESCO, China lead drive to include culture in future development agenda

2013-05-09 16:23:19

UNESCO, the Chinese Ministry of Culture, the national committee of UNESCO and the municipality of Hangzhou will co-organize an international congress on the role of culture in sustainable development.

World Smile Day observed in China

2013-05-09 10:39:59

Students celebrate the World Smile Day in Yinchuan, capital of Northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region yesterday.Shanghai Auto Museum

China's efforts to prevent hearing loss gain WHO recognition

2013-05-08 11:07:52

China has been doing well in controlling hearing loss, a World Health Organization official says.

Arabic language opens doors for Chinese

2013-05-08 11:01:48

Students in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region are taking advantage of their Muslim background to do business with the Middle East.A teacher for life

Selfless mission

2013-05-08 10:36:18

A salesman has led a group of volunteers with a rare blood type to be standby donors whenever needs arise.Old Beijing photos to be sold in London

Graduate-turned-butcher shares experience with alma mater

2013-05-08 10:04:54

It was the first time in 24 years that Lu Buxuan was speaking at his alma mater, Peking University, and the scene was emotional.Adventure advocate

Shanghai schools want to phase out long runs

2013-05-08 07:59:28

Shanghai is attempting to introduce the 20-meter shuttle run in middle schools to replace the long-distance run, a move that has sparked controversy as many doubt the new test is a solution to teenagers' poor physical condition.

Unique calling

2013-05-08 00:44:08

People with dyslexia have often been misunderstood. There are now centers in China aimed at creating public awareness and giving training courses to this group of people.

Expats try their hand at making and flying kites

2013-05-07 17:34:42

About 160 expatriates, mostly foreign diplomats and exchange students, tried their hand at making and flying their own kites at the Old Summer Palace over the past weekend.

A teacher for life

2013-05-07 13:49:40

Pan Shanji was the first high school graduate from the remote Dayandong village, and has spent the past 34 years as a committed educator.

Money spinner energizes village

2013-05-07 11:20:58

For the last 10 years, Han Li has helped her fellow villagers almost triple their income.Old Beijing photos to be auctioned in London