Perfectly wrong

2012-08-22 09:46:38

Repeated washing of hands, an obsession with closed doors or windows, anxiety about cleanliness.

You can't call yourself a Beijinger till your bike's stolen

2012-08-22 09:44:09

There was a story at the beginning of the year about a Japanese man who had been cycling around the world for a year and had his bike stolen.

Now I know my A-B-C

2012-08-21 09:35:38

There is a rural village in Guangdong where even a 4-year-old can fluently respond to an English greeting.

Romance, Chinese style

2012-08-20 17:42:14

The ancient legend of Qixi is all about romance and lovers, and Tiffany Tan finds out more about this Chinese 'Valentine's Day'.

Shower your beloved with gifts from the heart

2012-08-20 14:06:37

Qixi Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day, falls on Aug 23. Besides showering your beloved with flowers, here are some other gift ideas.

Zoos ask: Now what?

2012-08-20 13:35:59

Zookeepers around the world, facing limited capacity and pressure to maintain diverse and vibrant collections of endangered species, are often choosing between two controversial population limits: birth control and euthanasia.

A fresh approach to parents

2012-08-20 09:03:09

A new approach to how to treat your parents right.

Ancient tales of filial piety

2012-08-20 09:00:43

Four stories from 24 Filial Exemplars, a classic Confucian text by Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) scholar Guo Jujing.

Mommy and daddy dearest

2012-08-20 08:53:29

A revised 24 Filial Exemplars stipulates how to love and care for parents and is aimed at a new generation.

Float show kicks off during animation festival

2012-08-17 16:43:02

The 9th China (Changzhou) International Animation Festival kicked off at China Dinosaur Park in Changzhou on Thursday.

Beer drinking competition kicks off in China

2012-08-17 16:38:58

The 22th Qingdao International Beer Festival has set a beer drinking competition, attracting worldwide participants.

2012 ASEAN-China Youth Dance Exhibition kicks off in Vietnam

2012-08-17 16:36:05

2012 ASEAN-China Youth Dance Exhibition kicked off in Vietnam's capital Hanoi on Aug 16, 2012.