A fresh approach to parents

Updated: 2012-08-20 09:03

(China Daily)

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Visit your parents often with your spouse and children.

Spend holidays with your parents as often as possible.

Hold birthday celebrations for your parents.

Cook for your parents.

Call your parents at least once a week.

Be generous with the pocket money you give to your parents.

Learn about your parents' needs.

Listen to your parents' reminiscences with attention.

Teach your parents to use the Internet.

Take photos for your parents often.

Speak out of your love for your parents.

Untangle the knots in your parents' hearts.

Support your parents' hobbies.

Support your divorced or widowed parents to marry again.

Take your parents to do a physical examination on a regular basis.

Buy insurance for your parents.

Have heart-to-heart talks with your parents often.

Take your parents to important social activities.

Take your parents to your workplace.

Travel with your parents or revisit old places with them.

Do exercises with your parents.

Join your parents in doing what they are engaged in.

Accompany your parents to visit old acquaintances.

See an old movie with your parents.

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