Intl scholarship puts China on the map

Updated: 2013-04-22 03:04

By LUO WANGSHU (China Daily)

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Tsinghua University announced on Sunday the launch of an international postgraduate program to train potential global leaders, with the aim of developing young talents' understanding of China.

The program, called the Schwarzman Scholars, will provide full financial support to 200 students each year, who will come from all over the world to attend a one-year program in Beijing.

There will be 100 students in the first class, which will start in fall 2016. It will expand to 200 students a year from 2017.

The program is the result of a $300 million donation, the single largest internationally funded philanthropic effort in China's history. One-third of the endowment is from financial tycoon Stephen Schwarzman, founder of investment giant Blackstone Group. He also helped raise the additional $200 million.

Once the program expands to 200 students, 90 will come from the United States, 20 from China and the rest from across the world.

In a congratulatory letter, President Xi Jinping said: "Education can help youths understand the world, make great changes and create a better future... It is important to improve exchange and communication among students from different countries."

Tsinghua University President Chen Jining said the program reflects the global attention shift to China.

"A hundred years ago, Tsinghua, as a prep school for overseas universities, sent students abroad to learn advanced technology. Now talented youths from all over the world will gather at Tsinghua to learn and understand China," Chen said.

Schwarzman, the main sponsor, said: "In the 21st century, China is no longer an elective course, it's core curriculum."

He said one out of every four Harvard students are studying Mandarin now, which was rarely seen during his time in college.

The program will be taught in English by top scholars from all around the world. Each student will have a Chinese mentor.

Students will also have the opportunity to visit rural China and gain a broader experience of the country, said Li Daokun, dean of the program.

Initially, four disciplines will be provided, including public policy, economics and business as well as international relations.

The admission season will open in 2015.