Search for Mr Rich goes awry

2013-08-06 10:18:21

Chinese women on the hunt for a rich husband have been warned to be wary of online fraudsters posing as high-class matchmakers or suitors.

Lei Feng's African brother

2013-08-06 10:02:47

He had never heard of China's icon of selflessness before, but he is carrying on the good work of China's hero soldier.

Growing industry needs regulation

2013-08-06 09:39:32

The emerging bicycle rental industry is in urgent need of industry standards and unified management.

Smooth ride

2013-08-06 09:34:27

An enterprising couple who have faced more than their fair share of hardship are turning their fortunes around with a bicycle rental business that has not only transformed their lives, but the former nuclear base where they live.

International vertical run debuts in Beijing

2013-08-06 09:01:16

German runner Thomas Dold and Australian Suzy Walsham respectively claimed first place in the men's and women's vertical marathon in Beijing on Saturday, the first such event held in the Chinese mainland.

Doctors share their tales of life and death

2013-08-05 23:30:26

Wang Zhong, a doctor in the emergency room at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, sees 20 patients on an ordinary night shift.

Ghost writer

2013-08-05 23:24:38

Yu Hua's latest novel has attracted criticism since its release, but the author defends his work about lost spirits, claiming it deals with the realities of the modern world.

Chinese champs join anniversary party for Games

2013-08-05 15:11:47

The British Ambassador to China, Sebastian Wood, hosted a reception to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the 2012 London Olympics on Monday.

Adventures bring a couple together

2013-08-05 14:59:46

A group of adventure racers was oblivious to the beautiful scenery. They were competing for the title of the 2013 Red Bull 24 Hours Plateau Challenge.

Old Shanghai dances again

2013-08-05 14:31:46

As buzz surrounding the release of The Great Gatsby continues to build, fans of the F. Scott Fitzgerald film have the chance to channel the spirit of the Jazz Age in Shanghai.

Nadam fair opens in NW China

2013-08-05 09:39:12

Actors perform in the opening ceremony of a Nadam fair in Subei Mongolian autonomous county, Northwest China's Gansu province, Aug 3, 2013.

Bespoke shoes, Italian-style, made in China

2013-08-05 00:13:49

An eager young woman is standing on a piece of white paper in her bare feet. Gianluigi Colombo is on his knees next to her, staring and muttering. His assistant, also kneeling, is drawing on a piece of paper and taking notes.