Quest for speed drives top quantum scientist

2014-01-29 08:47:17

When he was named the 2013 CCTV Technology Innovation Person of the Year for his distinguished contribution to research on the quantum computer, Guo Guangcan felt rather surprised.

China braces for holiday travel peak

2014-01-27 10:35:30

The number of Chinese passengers is expected to top 100 million a day during the next few days as the week-long Spring Festival holiday approaches.

Buying in

2014-01-26 07:21:37

The average family reunion dinner this Lunar New Year's Eve may have a menu that sounds as if it came out of a city-fusion restaurant - organic pork from Yunnan, seafood from Dalian, lotus root from Hubei and mango from Hainan.

Shopping for Lunar New Year

2014-01-24 16:53:13

China’s progress in the last 30 years is most noticeable when it comes to food on the table.

In the game

2014-01-23 08:23:37

A passion for classic video games brought two entrepreneurs together, and now a work of their own delivers both a look back and a taste of the future, Eric Jou reports.

Cats were friends of Chinese since ancient times

2014-01-17 07:17:03

Although cats may be one of the most popular pets today (there are an estimated 600 million worldwide), precious little is known about how and when humans and cats struck up their close relationship.

Running wild

2014-01-16 07:32:37

A herd of Pere David's deer lower their heads to drink water from a mud flat. Always vigilant, they occasionally look around to check for danger. Behind them is a vast land of reeds where they like to hide. Pheasants duck in and out of the reeds and wild geese take to the skies. This is the Tian'ezhou Milu National Nature Reserve in Shishou, Hubei province. Surrounding the reserve are miles of farmland dotted with cottages, but in the reserve, animals and nature run wild. There are 1,061 milu - the Chinese name for the deer unique to the country - in the reserve. It's the largest wild herd in China and in the world, all descendents of the 94 deer shipped from Beijing's Milu Park in the 1990s.

Beijing hosts Leisure Industry Forum

2014-01-13 11:36:35

The International Leisure Industry Forum 2014 was held at the Beijing International Hotel on January 11.

Mission of discovery, led by ancient maps

2014-01-12 13:59:21

Charlotte Harris Rees understands that it's hard for many to believe that Chinese could have come to the Americas before Columbus.

History etched in stone

2014-01-12 11:19:52

An enthusiastic amateur believes ancient Chinese script he's found among Native American pictographs prove that Asians crossed the Pacific centuries ago.

Cooking - as easy as ABC

2014-01-12 11:02:49

Grab your apron for a culinary class that will keep the home fires burning while teaching top techniques of the kitchen.

Flights of fancy

2014-01-12 01:35:40

Pigeon racing's popularity is soaring among China's wealthy, producing sky-high bids for champion pedigree — and unintended consequences ranging from import-tax spats to pirates who trap and ransom the birds. Erik Nilsson reports.