New Year's resolutions a marathon, not a sprint

2012-01-04 11:12:44

Experts say while wishing will not make it so, visualizing your trimmer, fitter self can help to set you on the right path.

The long and short of it

2012-01-04 11:09:04

Reading, screen time and a lack of exercise are blamed for an increase in nearsightedness in Chinese children.

10 to 3D

2012-01-04 11:09:00

The heritage sites of the Scottish 10 project.

Changing psychology of consumers

2012-01-04 10:33:28

When it comes to luxury goods, Chinese consumers are now more price-sensitive than in the early days when luxury stores were new to the mainland.

Tarnished beauty

2012-01-04 10:25:07

In their rush to separate Chinese consumers from their money, some of the world's best-known names in luxury goods have permitted poor quality control and inadequate customer service to mar their once unassailable image.

Lifetime of stories

2012-01-03 07:42:30

Businesses offer seniors and others a chance to tell the tale of their lives and publish it as their memoirs.

A proactive approach to luck

2012-01-03 07:41:58

Superstitions live on in China because, as many doubters say, better safe than sorry.

Sweet! Panda is a woman of the year

2011-12-31 09:18:05

BBC's inclusion of Tian Tian in its "faces of the year" has kicked up a storm.

'Red' games hit the mark

2011-12-31 09:17:16

The PLA-developed war simulation game The Glorious Mission is likely to be publicly released in 2012, underlining the trend for more red games.

Snow plow

2011-12-30 07:42:47

Ski resort consultant Justin Downes has been a busy man over the past few years - helping open a slew of international level resorts in China.

Madame makeover

2011-12-30 07:42:47

There is war-war, there is jaw-jaw, there is ping-pong and there are beauty contests.

New Year Gift Guide

2011-12-30 07:42:15

As the spring festival approaches let's discover what are the presents being most talked about.