Tough science

2014-06-13 07:32:19

It was supposed to be a simple research trip to explore the rich biodiversity of Yunnan province, but the wild weather and unpredictable landslides made the journey more challenging than the participants could ever have imagined.

10 gift ideas for Father's Day

2014-06-13 05:41:50

Fathers work hard to balance family, career and their own time, and there's no other time better than this Sunday to return the favor with a special gift.

Time to trash waste problem

2014-06-12 13:38:14

Throw it, dump it, pile it, bury it and burn it — this is the easiest yet most expensive way to deal with garbage, at the cost of extensive land masses and a polluted environment.

Shanghai's own geek-easy

2014-06-12 13:28:42

An open space encourages the city's hardware specialists, electronic artists, designers and DIY lovers to meet, tinker and share their ideas.

Shanghai much more than just a party town

2014-06-12 13:23:32

The most attractive thing about Shanghai is that it offers something for everybody. If you want to party, you can party. But if you want to start your own business, it is also possible.

Outlook bright for China's horses

2014-06-11 10:31:17

Chinese horses are set to gallop on the world stage. And not just in 2014, China's "Year of the Horse".

Bound for Brazil

2014-06-11 10:00:55

As the 2014 FIFA World Cup nears, Chinese fans have secured their tickets and are getting ready to take a trip of a lifetime.

Lin Xiangxiong exhibition opens at Peking University

2014-06-09 16:00:01

Lin's solo exhibition "Fusion of East & West" curtains off at Peking University on June 6, showcasing his 33 paintings, and will run through June 9.

Tibetan students receive education on World Environment Day

2014-06-09 16:03:17

More than 300 primary students and soldiers participated in an environment education program and picked up trash around the Lhalu Wetland Conservation area in Lhasa, capital of Tibet autonomous region, on June 5 to mark the 43rd World Environment Day.

What's new

2014-06-07 14:47:15

Black and White, a mainland-Taiwan co-production and box-office hit, is launching its second installment on National Day on Oct 1.

A week to get spirited away

2014-06-07 14:09:37

'Give me your hand," says Ruslan Bragin, the marketing and sales representative of a Russian distiller.

Harvest time

2014-06-07 12:40:05

Wine and spirits from far-flung corners of the globe helped to make this year's Vinexpo in Hong Kong a truly international extravaganza.