Health check

2012-11-14 09:34:56

The annual medical checkup used to be an obligatory examination that is reluctantly gone through during the admission process into the civil service. But many are now viewing them with a new attitude.

Pennies from Heaven

2012-11-14 09:10:52

A crowd-funding website helps make dreams come true by helping entrepreneurs raise money, a hundred yuan at a time.

Who can qualify

2012-11-14 09:10:39 is China's first and largest crowd-funding website, but there are some rules.

Chinese learning flourishes in Scotland

2012-11-13 14:51:20

It used to be the place where the G8 summit was held in July 2005, and on Monday another event, dubbed G50, was staged at the same venue.

China to verify measles elimination progress

2012-11-13 14:51:10

China has started to verify whether the country had eliminated measles by 2012。

New scan technology could replace biopsy for skin cancer: Austrian study

2012-11-13 13:34:00

A new study of diagnosis options for skin cancer by the Medical University of Vienna have shown promising results, the University reported in a press release on Monday.

Fur company's charity work

2012-11-13 09:36:39

Kopenhagen Fur, one of the world's largest fur garment auction houses, recently announced its latest charity event, the Kopenhagen Fur Love Project.

Doctors for charity

2012-11-13 09:34:28

China Central Television (CCTV) recently launched a TV charity program called China's Most Beautiful Rural Doctors in Beijing.

Taiwan, mainland hold seminar on Sun Yat-sen

2012-11-12 14:55:31

Taiwan and the Chinese mainland have held a joint seminar on Sun Yat-sen and his wife Madame Soong Ching Ling in Taipei.

Departure gate: Verbal power

2012-11-12 11:18:06

It is a carnival for words. The Cambridge Word Fest, held twice each year, welcomes some of the world's freshest thinkers to celebrate and share the power of words in all their forms.

Tablet, phone markets lure makers of PCs

2012-11-12 09:49:08

The rapid growth of the tablet and smartphone markets has been hitting the margins of PC makers, said Scott Lin, president of Acer Greater China.

Smartphones disconnect people

2012-11-12 09:41:03

Apple and Google of the United States are reported to be separately developing wearable heads-up displays which allows the wearer to call up a map for directions or watch the news while riding the subway.