Diplomatic Pouch

2013-11-15 17:25:50

Austrian Ambassador Irine Gina-Reichl hosted a reception and exhibition for the China Young Artists Project, a non-profit program that aims to promote young talent to the world on Thursday night.

Treasures under the hammer

2013-11-15 01:51:33

Guardian Auctions has handled many of China's valuable cultural relics over their 20 years in business. Now, a retrospective exhibition displays some of the most breathtaking pieces of China's past that have passed through their hands.

Green group reports on China's biodiversity

2013-11-14 09:43:08

People know climate change has been unsettling our planet's geological, biological and ecological systems, but how does it affect the living animals and plants on our planet, especially those rare species that live in protected areas?

Chinese yo-yo combines art, culture and exercise

2013-11-14 08:19:05

Kongzhu, also known as the Chinese yo-yo, works as a diabolo spinning and buzzing like an acrobat on a string.

Rare bird finds sanctuary

2013-11-14 00:31:09

There are fewer than 100 breeding pairs of the spoon-billed sandpiper left in the world, and a stretch of intertidal mudflats in Jiangsu province is one of the last resting places on their migration route.

He follows his heart with his feet

2013-11-13 08:59:10

Zhan Lige is a devoted unprofessional. He simply loves his local traditional square dance.

Dancing through time

2013-11-13 07:20:02

Dancing in public squares is common in China when the weather is warm. Sun Ye explores the rich cultural legacies of the traditional dances that have been part of community life for centuries.

Gaga for Luo

2013-11-13 01:19:10

Lady Gaga is well-known for her outrageous outfits and unique style. Now the pop queen has her sights set on the work of a young Chinese designer.

Left-behind, but not forgotten

2013-11-12 08:13:49

There are an estimated 61 million children in China living without one or both of their parents. A book of letters, diary entries and pictures by these young people has proved a sensation, and revealed the rich inner-lives of some of the country's most vulnerable people. Sun Yuanqing reports from Anlong, Guizhou province.

In love with Yunnan

2013-11-12 02:02:14

To an environmental expert from the United States, Southwest China's Yunnan province is a rich field to explore, with its diverse geography and vastly varied flora, fauna and anthropology.

They don't make things like they used to

2013-11-11 00:35:34

An innovative new retail concept is taking vintage luxury items and repurposing them for modern use. Kitty Go reports from what may be the world's chicest recycling boutique in Hong Kong.

Like mahjong, life is a game of chance

2013-11-10 07:56:45

Love overcame obstacles and paved the way to a new future in China for one Kenyan woman, her sailor and her daughter.