Artworks on China's countryside generate nostalgia

2014-08-14 07:00:00

China has been through tremendous change over the past decades, and there will be more as the country keeps pushing forward the course of urbanization.

Captured in charcoal

2014-08-12 09:43:33

Making traditional portraits is not only a family business, it symbolizes a way of life for old Haikou. Han Cuiqiong is determined to stop it from slipping away in the rush toward modernity, as Raymond Zhou and Huang Yiming find out in Haikou.

Great Wall photo exhibition attracts large audience in Slovenia

2014-08-13 11:26:56

A photo exhibition featuring the Great Wall of China has turned to be one of the attractions at the Bled Castle, one of Slovenia's most popular scenic spots

Neolithic jade relics displayed in Shandong

2014-08-12 07:11:35

About 300 pieces of jade artifacts are now on show at the Shandong Museum, in Jinan, capital city of Shandong province.

A brush with storytelling

2014-08-12 14:47:32

While portraits at a CAFA show offer intimate glimpses of their subjects, they also reveal the evolution of contemporary oil painting in China.

German make-up artist creates masterpieces on her eyes

2014-08-11 15:00:23

Svenja Schmitt, a German make-up artist, creates beautiful masterpieces around her own eyes using unusual props.

'European Impression' photo show opens in Beijing

2014-08-11 13:42:53

A one-week landscape photography show entitled "European Impression" started this weekend at the Beijing Museum of Photography.

Back to nature

2014-08-09 07:29:56

With a little imagination, Chinese owners have produced a richly decorated, three-dimensional effect that brightens up their yard.

Artist wows Shanghai with display of day-time firewor

2014-08-09 12:39:21

A day time fireworks show on Aug 8 near the Huangpu River in Shanghai generated heavy smoke surprising many Shanghai citizens. Some surprised citizens even dialed the police 110 hotline.

German expressionism

2014-08-08 07:00:00

Among the feast of works currently on show at the China Art Museum Shanghai, one collection stands out.

Artist focuses on poor quality artworks

2014-08-07 07:00:00

Shenyang-based artist Yang Fan focuses on poor quality artworks and discusses the truth of values in his solo exhibition Values System.

Abstract ideas

2014-08-06 17:15:23

Lelege Art Space's current exhibition tells six stories about Chinese artists' engagement with abstract art.