Chinese contemporary oil paintings exhibition held in Suzhou

2015-12-08 10:00:53

The 2015 Exhibition of China Contemporary Oil Paintings opens at the Ming Gallery of Art in Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu province, Dec 5, 2015.

Sotheby's to sell rare Star Wars items on eBay soon

2015-12-08 08:02:04

A Luke Skywalker doll for $18,000. A Darth Vader helmet or a cuddly Yoda for $100. Star Wars fans will dig deep to splash their cash on some of the rarest merchandise on the planet.

Tweaking traditional art

2015-12-08 08:02:04

Contemporary artist Lyu Shengzhong shows how an ancient Chinese craft can be reinterpreted in modern times. Lin Qi reports.

Casting a spell

2015-12-08 08:16:09

An Italian photographer is showing his images of European sculptures in coastal China.

Xie Nanxing's work tops Sotheby's sale

2015-12-07 16:00:37

Sotheby's Beijing auction of modern and contemporary Chinese art on Sunday grossed 165 million yuan ($25.8 million).

Macao Light Festival delights visitors

2015-12-07 14:03:41

The adventure of elves and butterfly fairies, theme of this year's Macao Light Festival, welcomed visitors with light shows in 11 tourist sites in the city on Dec 6.

Photographer captures folk opera performers in the countryside

2015-12-07 11:24:28

Folk Opera Performers in the Countryside is one of the representative works of China Photographers' Association member Jia Ke, who has been a professional photographer since 1990s.

Lu Xun’s calligraphy fetches record-breaking price

2015-12-07 10:37:52

A rarely seen calligraphy of modern literati Lu Xu (1881-1936) sold for 3.05 million yuan ($477,000) at a Beijing auction on Saturday.

Qi Baishi painting album sells for $18m

2015-12-07 10:31:35

An ink painting album of modern artist Qi Baishi (1864-1957) fetched 115 million yuan ($18m) at a Beijing auction on Sunday night.

Emperor's beloved bowl top seller at HK art sale

2015-12-04 09:31:59

Christie's autumn sales in Hong Kong, which ended on Wednesday, grossed more than HK$2.62 billion ($340 million).

Xu Jiang's largest show of sunflower works in Shanghai

2015-12-04 08:16:18

With their curled leaves, the artist Xu Jiang's flowers mostly stand firm even in poor weather conditions.

British sculptor brings his vision to Hong Kong

2015-12-04 14:59:09

The works, which attempt to describe the human condition in today's society and where it fits in our environment, are in Gormley's words "the materialized question of what are we and where do we belong".