China Guardian Auctions hit $385m for fall sales

2013-11-22 21:20:18

China Guardian Auctions wrapped up a total turnover of 2.35 billion yuan ($385 million) for its fall sales in Beijing.

Brazilian works fetch top prices at N.Y. Latam art auctions

2013-11-25 14:02:41

A triangulated aluminum sculpture by Brazilian artist Lygia Clark that sold for $1.8 million at Phillips' Latin American auction, capped a week of regional art sales in New York in which Brazilian works commanded the top prices.

Folk crafts compete for Shanhua Award in Nanjing

2013-11-25 10:48:00

The competition for the 11th Shanhua Award, China's highest folk art honor, began last Friday.

An artist plans an institute

2013-11-24 07:03:30

In the name of art, she has hung naked on a wall and carved into her own stomach with a razor. She has masturbated in a museum; scrubbed at a pile of bloody, maggoty bones in a fetid basement; stood still while strangers put a gun to her head and stabbed her with thorns; and sat silently for seven hours a day as a succession of people lined up to bask in her aura at the Museum of Modern Art.

Gallery opening on Song Ren

2013-11-24 12:08:20

The first expat-run gallery in Hangzhou just announced its opening with the exhibition of Song Ren.

Voice of angels

2013-11-24 07:05:36

The female voice has never failed to thrill. Perhaps because it is usually the first sound we hear: our mother humming lullabies as she cradles us in her arms. For Christchurch native Hayley Westenra, her earliest memories of music were all about her family.

Dancing dreams for the hearing impaired

2013-11-22 15:25:26

Huangkaiwusheng Art Troupe consists of almost 100 deaf and mute students from Zhongzhong University.

Art explores special relationship

2013-11-22 11:24:39

Ajike "Saint Jerry" Njoku says he wants to reveal the largely untold journey that African immigrants have undertaken in China over the past decade.

Thangka master dedicates life to teaching art

2013-11-22 11:04:51

A Tibetan artist introduces his Thangka artwork to a visitor. The 37-year-old artist is a noted Thangka master in Ngari prefecture located in the Tibet autonomous region.

Beijing Automotive Museum

2013-11-22 10:48:11

The 50,000 square-meter Beijing Automotive Museum is located in the city's southwestern Fengtai District. This is the first government-funded museum dedicated to automotive vehicles.

Wang Jian brings Bach Suites to town again

2013-11-22 07:52:36

Bach is no stranger to Wang Jian. In 2009, the world-renowned cellist first played the Solo Cello Suites by J.S. Bach in Beijing.

Art in Action and reaching out

2013-11-22 07:52:36

Art Taipei, which celebrated its 21st anniversary this year, is a chance to see a myriad of works in one place and perhaps take home a piece that speaks to you.