Exploring with the ink

2015-03-05 10:26:16

Modern ink art exhibition Inkchronicity teams up four artists from China and Malaysia who have been experimenting with the many approaches to the category of ink and wash.

Metro landscapes

2015-03-05 10:19:20

Oil painter Zhao Zhengrong would rather call his works a piece of writing on which he puts down his emotions and memories.

The other side of painting

2015-03-05 10:06:59

At his solo exhibition The Other Side of Painting, Wen Wu is displaying 20-odd oil paintings that look into the certainty and uncertainty of painting.

Company special: Coca-Cola celebrates iconic bottle's centenary year

2015-03-04 07:55:08

As well as its classic taste and formula, Coca-Cola's distinctive packaging has undoubtedly played an important role in its success as a top-selling international soft drink.

Brushwork of devotion

2015-03-03 14:34:22

Ink-and-wash artist Yuan Wu gained the power to excess and the confidence to express from these devout Tibetans when traveling in Lhasa.

Vitality of the Orient

2015-03-03 10:31:43

Kim Byung-jong’s paintings demonstrate an intense power of expression and vitality, while one can also feel the underlying spirit of renovation.

China's new museums lead to global art sales boom

2015-03-03 06:56:14

Global art sales set a fresh record last-year driven by acquisitions from new museums, while China maintained its place at the top of the market, according to data firm Artprice.

Franch festival better than ever

2015-03-03 06:56:14

China's top French cultural festival is planning to broaden it's reach in the hope it will reach a wider section of the Chinese public.

Artists wow Arab world

2015-03-03 06:56:14

Subheadline: The largest ever team of artists to attend an art fair in Oman has showcased China's unique cultural crafts.

Art beat

2015-03-02 07:03:12

Shanghai Henrik Ibsen's play

Cats in macao

2015-03-02 07:03:12

As Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical returns to China after eight years, Chen Nan speaks with key members of the production.

Pingxi sky lantern festival held in Taiwan

2015-03-01 09:14:40

Pingxi sky lantern festival held in China's Taiwan.