Archaeology show tells Shanghai stories

2014-06-09 11:12:25

An onging exhibition featuring nearly 500 artifacts traces Shanghai's early civilization and development.

Contemporary Chinese paintings on display in Suzhou

2014-06-09 10:23:59

A visitor enjoys traditional Chinese paintings at the Gaofengtang art gallery in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, June 8, 2014.

Art of enlightenment

2014-06-08 07:32:13

As dusk settled in on the night of May 6, a lecture hall at the University of Sydney was full with an audience eager for insight.

Culture insider: Beautiful ash-patting art in Shandong

2014-06-05 14:12:50

Puhui New Year painting, or Ash-Patting New Year painting, is a unique style of New Year pictures in China. It originated and exists only in Gaomi, East China's Shandong province.

Zao Wou-ki and Chu Teh-chun art earns top bids in Paris

2014-06-05 11:36:54

9 paintings of the late Chinese-French abstract masters Zao Wou-Ki, Chu Teh-Chun, were sold at skyrocketing prices during an auction organized by French leading auction house Artcurial.

Cantonese artist's 'chubby women' showcased in London

2014-06-04 14:58:38

After touring Sydney, Melbourne, Italy and France, Xu Hongfei, a sculptor from south China's Guangdong province, has brought his "chubby women" art series to London.

Socks hung out in Hangzhou's new 'art zone'

2014-06-04 11:48:40

On the most chic road in Hangzhou, fiber artworks were on display in the trees, turning the natural space into an exhibition area and attracting lots of visitors.

Spring Silkworm painting fetches $7m at auction

2014-06-03 14:59:37

Luo Zhongli's oil painting Spring Silkworm, a work that expresses his deep feelings for mother, fetched 43.7 million yuan ($7 million), a new record for the artist, at a Beijing sale on Sunday night.

Fictional Reality, Sino-French Digital Art Exhibition

2014-06-03 14:18:16

An exhibition is ongoing in Beijing to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of memorializing the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France.

Knife's edge

2014-06-02 10:20:45

Metal and rubber scrapers, several pieces of foam material, woodchips, two rolls of gauze, various brushes of different size ... whenever Lin Baojun opens his tool box people are baffled by what he does for a living.

Beijing's new 'house of wax' opens

2014-06-01 07:21:44

George Clooney sits in a yard below an engraved archway, while Bruce Lee jumps out through a wall.

Versailles celebrates Sino-French friendship

2014-05-30 10:38:09

Visitors attend an exhibition in the Palace of Versailles in France, May 26, 2014.