Graffiti with Chinese characteristics

2013-11-13 09:31:44

Chen Yingjie says he is the first person to combine Chinese wash-and-ink paintings with graffiti.

Polish cultural festival celebrated in Beijing

2013-11-12 16:31:16

Beijing is playing host to the second Polish Culture Festival with a number of interactive exhibitions, lectures and concerts planned in the city.

Wood engravings highlight Dongba culture

2013-11-11 14:27:58

Many stores in Lijiang Old Town in Yunnan province are selling Dongba engravings, Nov 7, 2013.

Revisiting Magritte

2013-11-10 07:58:33

Oh, no, I thought when I heard that the Museum of Modern Art's big fall show was a Rene Magritte survey.

Natural gift

2013-11-10 08:00:49

Wang Baoan uses ink and water color to find the 'spirit of life', Zhuan Ti reports.

A living museum's life support

2013-11-10 07:55:57

Beijing's maiden hutong museum not only houses historical relics but also is itself a relic.

Art Taipei 2013: longest-running art fair in Asia

2013-11-09 13:51:21

Art Taipei 2013, the longest-running art fair in Asia, was open to public on Nov 8, 2013, presenting over 3000 artworks of more than 500 artists.

Art works of National Art Museum of China (3)

2013-11-08 16:51:54

The National Art Museum of China continues its celebration of the 50th anniversary of founding with an exhibition focusing on Chinese water-color paintings.

Works displayed at metal art exhibition

2013-11-08 16:34:27

Works are displayed at Beijing International Contempotary Metal Art Exhibition.

Pushing boundaries

2013-11-08 13:24:00

The Beijing International Contemporary Metal Art Exhibition encourages artists to think outside the box, creating works that are innovative and thought-provoking.

Wickedly satirical art exhibition on death

2013-11-08 13:21:13

If you didn't get enough of the macabre recently on Halloween or the Day of the Dead, a vibrant folk art show at the Prince Gong Mansion is keeping the spirit alive for a couple more weeks.

Photo festival reveals rich vein of talent

2013-11-08 08:16:16

Although there are already three large-scale photography festivals in three Chinese cities, the nation's capital unveiled its first Beijing Photo Biennial on Oct 24, with an emphasis on academic and photographic communication between East and West.