Brave new world

2013-05-13 16:14:35

Matthew Gregory is bringing The Globe's Shakespearean spectacle to Hong Kong, alongside a slew of first-class English-language theater productions. Rebecca Lo checks in backstage.

You don't have to be Edison to invent

2013-05-13 16:10:56

Those who love DIY things now have a perfect space to turn their novel ideas into reality. At a community innovation house in Putuo district of Shanghai, one can create a variety of cool stuff using the facilities.

Family of writer Lao She donates paintings by Qi Baishi

2013-05-13 11:30:45

The descendants of writer Lao She have donated 16 pieces by the renowned artist Qi Baishi, their family friend.Mao's photo sells for $55,300 at auction

Written images blur the lines

2013-05-13 11:03:25

The exhibition From Gesture to Language: Trans-Forming Practices of Art Expression has gathered work by 26 contemporary artists from China and abroad.

Mao photograph sells for $55,300 at Beijing auction

2013-05-13 10:14:45

A photo of Mao Zedong relaxing in a wicker chair against a scenic backdrop of Lushan Mountain has fetched 340,000 yuan at auction.Wuzhen Theatre Festival

Chinese paintings to be exhibited in London

2013-05-13 09:56:08

The Victoria and Albert Museum is to hold an exhibition this autumn, bringing more than 70 Chinese painting masterpieces created over a 1200-year period.

Creative cowhide

2013-05-13 09:32:03

A studio in Hohhot is hoping to revive the tradition of leather paintings, a unique ancient art form of Inner Mongolia.

Art beat (May 10-June 30)

2013-05-10 16:21:46

Culture events in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou during May 10-June 30.

New York play focuses on foreign love and green cards

2013-05-10 15:49:23

Although Zhao Binghao is still a student, his recent play Kurukulla at the Pershing Square Signature Center's Studio Theater in Manhattan was sold out.

British royal paintings exhibition charts 250 years of fashion

2013-05-10 15:41:01

A new exhibition of paintings from the British royal collection and historic clothing cast an unusual light on the clothing and accessories of European royalty over 250 years.

Car pyramid sculpture unveiled in C China

2013-05-10 14:28:13

13 discarded vehicles of different colors are used in creating a 10-meter-high art work named "Regeneration 2013" at Wuhan Culture Creation Industrial Park in Hubei province.

Simple yet colorful

2013-05-10 10:49:25

US-based artist Li Zijian has made it his life vocation to depict ordinary people and explore the humanity underneath in his works.In memory of the Khan