National museum opens Leaders and People

2016-01-15 15:34:07

Leaders and People, a permanent exhibition was recently unveiled at the National Museum of China in Beijing.

Paintings from 1950s China on show

2016-01-15 15:27:07

Five ink paintings that portray socialist constructions in the country in the 1950s are displayed at an ongoing exhibition at the National Art Museum of China.

Finest Chinese porcelains expected to fetch over $28 million

2016-01-14 11:16:43

One of the finest Chinese porcelain collections in history will be put up for auction, with an overall estimated price of over 20 million pounds.

Art beat

2016-01-13 11:03:15

Performances and cultural events to be expected

Young artists show skills at Wallpost exhibition

2016-01-08 16:07:21

"The Wall Power — Wallpost Artist Exhibition", a joint show of young artists, was inaugurated at Beijing's Today Art Museum on Jan 7. The works on display are selected from submissions by more than 100 emerging artists.

American art collector's love blooms at Peking University

2016-01-08 08:08:35

At 73, Donald Stone has been an avid collector for nearly six decades.

Painters display works awash in ink traditions

2016-01-26 11:50:15

Where to Go, an ongoing exhibition at the Equivalence Fine Arts gallery in Beijing, has gathered 15 ink painters who communicate their thoughts on Shitao's ideas against the backdrop of a rapidly changing China.

Contemporary Chinese pieces shown in Athens

2016-01-26 11:42:45

Sun says all the works are not difficult for Western audiences to follow since this kind of abstract language has more than 100 years of history in Europe.

An engraved legacy

2016-01-26 11:35:28

Chinese-born French artist Zao Wou-ki's engravings will be shown in Nantong two years after his death.

Spring Festival in the eyes of Chinese painters

2016-01-26 10:44:42

Scenes of Spring Festival are always popular themes of Chinese painting. Let's have a look at some Spring Festival paintings by Chinese artists, featuring traditional motifs of the Chinese New Year.

Junk genre: Drawing inspiration from the useless

2016-01-26 10:03:41

Song Dong, 50, has been using objects of daily use in experimental art projects since 2002, discovering aesthetics in discarded things.

American artist's show is glass act

2016-01-26 09:50:45

From candy bars to dancing skirts and blooming flowers, Toots Zynsky's artworks evoke all kinds of imagery at Shanghai's Liuli China Museum.