NAMOC displays Polish folk art

2015-07-31 13:12:03

An exhibition of Polish ethnic designs is now underway at the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) in Beijing.

Snow refreshes summer art show

2015-07-29 15:08:04

Cheng Baozhong's current solo exhibition, titled Snow in Late July, promises viewers a feeling of tranquility and coolness amid the summer heat.

Artist converts his mouth feel to paintings

2015-07-29 14:53:43

Those who are familiar with He Xiangyu's previous gigantic installations may find his current exhibition in Beijing an interesting twist in art style.

9 museums showcase Chinese art in Germany

2015-07-29 14:46:49

China 8, an art event to introduce Chinese contemporary art in Germany, is drawing crowds of visitors to the nine museum venues in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region.

Xu Dongdong: Chinese abstract painting goes global

2015-07-29 12:27:46

Just after sitting down, Xu Dongdong reveals Souls of Creatures in Four Seasons, his latest series of paintings which was just completed a few months ago.

Abstract artist Xu Dongdong

2015-07-29 12:14:13

Talking with Xu Dongdong is a pleasure. His gentle voice with its authentic Beijing burr is easy on the ear.

Chinese landscape art shapes American painter's vision

2015-07-28 10:33:40

American painter Ross Lewis' ongoing exhibition in Beijing tells the story of how Chinese cultural influences have shaped his work.

Wei Dong's naked realities

2015-07-28 08:27:29

Wei Dong is known for his stimulating, erotic images of women. But since 2010, though still painting nudity, his canvas has turned less provocative.

Porcelain capital Dehua inspires artists at home and abroad

2015-07-23 17:33:53

The "2015 Sino-foreign Art Talk" is being held in Dehua county in Quanzhou city of Fujian province during July 10-22.

8 best museums in Beijing for kids

2015-07-23 16:04:46

Here is a list of eight museums for kids to visit during summer vacation.

Exhibition traces history of shanshui landscapes

2015-07-22 09:36:29

The genre of shanshui landscapes is a serious genre where Chinese painters create their own spiritual, idealized landscapes, and where they seek freedom, express ideals and express homesickness.

Piecing together rendered realities

2015-07-22 08:02:33

The French artist goes beyond simply snapping photographs. He spends months assembling hundreds of tiny telephoto closeups into bigger mosaics that are up to 3 meters high.