Summer carnival

2015-06-30 07:23:25

A new art museum opens in Beijing, backed by a banking enterprise. Deng Zhangyu reports.

Capturing a monk's vision

2015-06-30 07:23:25

Chinese paintings are enriched by the legacies of artists who were Buddhist monks. Lin Qi interviews one to know why.

Paintings of black humor

2015-06-26 10:48:22

New York-based artist Bjarne Melgaard touches on many social problems that most people dare not to face in his artworks: crimes, sex abuse, drugs and sports to challenge one's physical limits.

A conversation with aged bricks

2015-06-26 10:28:05

Contemporary artist Ying Tianqi's current exhibition, titled Inquiry of Bricks, is more like a case study of urbanization and heritage preservation.

An octogenarian continues to be inspired by Buddhist sculptures

2015-06-26 07:28:20

Chinese artist Wang Yiyang has more than 10 ancient Buddhist sculptures in his Beijing home, from which he draws inspiration for his ink paintings.

Hollywood female stars in watercolor portraits

2015-06-25 13:47:04

These lifelike portraits of world-famous actresses, including Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman, are among the recent works of Italian illustrator Davide Morettini.

Wang Gang's personal art exhibition held in Beijing

2015-06-24 13:35:45

Chinese artist Wang Gang's personal exhibition of oil paintings, Heaven and Earth, opened at the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting in Beijing on Monday.

Art of everyday life

2015-06-24 07:24:14

In a recently published photo album The Family Belongings of Chinese People, social documentary photographer Ma Hongjie tries to capture the life of Chinese people through a different angle - their daily objects.

US photographer and Chinese artist present A Warm Winter

2015-06-23 07:30:28

Chinese painter Liu Zhong and the fifth-generation Rockefeller family member Steven Clark Rockefeller Jr have jointly published A Warm Winter.

Patron of the realists

2015-06-23 07:30:28

Beijing show shines a light on Pavel Tretyakov, a leading figure in the Russian art movement, Lin Qi reports.

Photographers to pursue Silk Road grandeur

2015-06-23 07:30:28

After focusing their lenses on the beauties of two ancient capitals of Xi'an and Luoyang on the Silk Road last year, photographers are now being invited to discover the beauty of western China's Gansu province.

Man with no face transports viewers

2015-06-22 10:06:57

Lao Shu, or "Old Tree", is not a professional painter. Yet, he has gained considerable fame via Chinese social media for his Chinese ink-wash paintings accompanied by his poetry.