Beijing Opera performed in Algeria for celebration

2013-07-11 10:36:20

Chinese artists perform Beijing Opera at the National Theater in Algiers, capital of Algeria, July 8, 2013.

Top 10 Chinese art works sold at auctions for 2013

2013-07-10 17:01:31

The top 10 Chinese works of art sold at auctions during first half of 2013 released by Art Market Monitor of Artron, updated through June 4.

Abstract but attractive

2013-07-10 15:55:20

The concept of infinity has been a long-standing theme in Han’s work, and her artwork, though abstract, has the ability to stimulate viewer’s imagination, helping them to reflect upon the world they inhabit.

Paper-cut characters from Chinese classics

2013-07-10 14:48:40

Li Xiangkui, a 65-year-old villager has created a set of paper-cut characters from the Four Great Classical Novels.

Penghao's passion play

2013-07-10 10:58:35

Dentist Wang Xiang made his money fixing teeth but his true love is bringing independent theater to the masses.

Subway stations stop human with art pieces

2013-07-10 10:29:31

While commuters often rush at subway stations, several murals along the corridor of one of Beijing's busiest subway intersections have slowed down or stopped the steps of many.

Eye-catching bodypainting

2013-07-09 09:47:07

The World Bodypainting Festival was held in Portschach, Austria, July 6, 2013, one day before the closure of the 7-day festival.

Han Meilin museum opens in Beijing

2013-07-08 15:12:11

The southern section of the Han Meilin Art Museum opened in Beijing recently, making it one of the largest personal art museums in China.

Museum presents insights into landscapes

2013-07-08 14:24:51

Mountains and water are the key images for the inaugural exhibition at Shanghai Himalayas Museum, which celebrated the grand opening of its new site on June 15.

Painter masters the art of drawing squirrels

2013-07-08 10:44:36

Zhu Yingren, an 83-year-old painter in Hangzhou, has spent decades observing the cute creatures in West Lake of Hangzhou and portrayed them vividly on hundreds of paintings.

Shaolin martial arts performed in Taiyuan

2013-07-08 10:03:35

Performers of the Yandong Shaolin Kungfu troupe show their kung fu during a performance held at the Worker's Cultural Palace, Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, July 6, 2013.

Antiques at auction

2013-07-05 17:59:10

Beijing Yingshi International Auction will preview 58 lots of Chinese ink paintings and porcelain that will go under the hammer in its spring sales.