Contemporary art museum opens in Beijing mall Solana

2015-11-11 15:47:19

People now visiting Beijing's Solana shopping park can also enjoy contemporary art at the newly opened Yang Art Museum.

Lifeworks on show for public-art master

2015-11-11 15:41:08

Yuan Yunfu, 82, is best-known for his involvement in several important public art projects.

Touring show reflects absorption with nature

2015-11-11 15:33:06

Chinese artist Hong Ling will tour his retrospective exhibition in Beijing, London and Dublin.

Art beat

2015-11-11 08:11:47


1000 masks from around the world gather in Shanghai

2015-11-11 10:31:27

A total of 1000 masks are now on exhibition at the Shanghai Mass Art Center in Shanghai, and will be displayed until November 18.

Photography show preserves culture via creative lenses

2015-11-10 15:49:47

A photo show titled Discovering the Beauty of the Silk Road opened on Saturday in Lanzhou. It presents magnificent landscapes, Buddha sculptures and customs of different ethnic groups in northwestern China's Gansu province.

Chinese collector splurges big on a Modigliani nude painting

2015-11-10 15:25:17

Chinese collector Liu Yiqian spent $170.4 million on a Modigliani nude painting at Christie's in New York on Monday, a new record for a Modigliani piece.

Online becoming go-to market for Chinese art lovers

2015-11-10 13:44:06

As the Internet develops, opening antique shops and buying artworks online are not news nowadays.

BCAF showcases cultural cities of Europe and Asia at 14th Asia Arts Festival

2015-11-10 10:16:33

When the Culture Cities, Charm of the World exhibition opened its doors at the 14th Asia Arts Festival in Quanzhou's 1916 Creative Park, director Cui Qiao literally stood in between two different continents, two different cultures, two different identities; European and Asian.

Making an art of accumulation

2015-11-10 07:54:23

French-born American artist Armand Fernandez (1928-2005), better-known as Arman, created a lot of works with his signature concept of "accumulation".

Bitten by the art bug

2015-11-10 08:21:16

An exhibition of works by surrealist Dali in Shanghai is drawing big crowds as the city's residents develop a growing passion for work by great Western artists.

UK and China museums seek sustainable future

2015-11-09 16:34:13

As part of the UK-China 2015 Museum Dialogues, a discussion was held at Beijing's Ullens Center for Contemporary Art on Wednesday focusing on how a museum can be loved and supported on a sustainable basis by the public.