Emma's juggling act

2013-05-28 11:03:45

She has traveled halfway across the world to learn from the best teachers and she's working hard at balancing training to be an excellent acrobat.

A good hair-day for the guzheng

2013-05-28 10:45:52

Guzheng soloist Chang Jing has had a radical haircut before her concert on June 9. Her haircut, however, angered the concert's producer.

Musician focuses on his second act

2013-05-27 16:13:01

When he was 26, Tien founded Seed Music, which became one of the biggest Taiwan music labels, home to best-selling singers, including Jeff Chang.

New art space breathes life into upscale mall

2013-05-27 15:05:50

Champagne in one hand and lamb kebab in the other, art lovers celebrated the opening of the new art space at Bund 18 in Shanghai on May 11.

Lost garden finds itself on stage

2013-05-27 14:58:40

Irish writer Oscar Wilde's story of a mean-spirited giant has been adapted for the stage in what promises to be a musical theater spectacular.

The eternal flow of art

2013-05-26 08:10:12

Painter Wang Baoan finds water the great metaphor of communication and beauty, Zhang Zhao reports

Music to the ears

2013-05-27 05:36:44

Free concerts in all possible forms imaginable have been a regular feature in the grand hall of the People's Square Metro Station in the heart of Shanghai since the start of the year. Free-style jazz piano solos, chamber music of classical sonatas, traditional Chinese bamboo flutes, you name it.

Legacy of a railroad

2013-05-27 10:40:17

Prominent Chinese-American playwright David Henry Hwang makes his long-overdue debut in the Chinese mainland, presenting a snippet of immigrant history.

Art beat (May 18-June 10)

2013-05-24 11:21:24

Culture events in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou during May 18-June 10.

People experience 'Rain Room' art installation in New York

2013-05-24 11:08:41

People experience the "Rain Room" art installation by Random International at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the United States, May 22, 2013.

'Literati painting' goes under the hammer

2013-05-24 11:04:42

For the first time, Poly Auction's upcoming spring sales will pay tribute to the Chinese art scene's time-honored "literati painting".

Images of Society

2013-05-24 10:59:36

An ongoing exhibition showcases art pieces that reflect keen observation of life. They are works of 10 emerging artists under the age of 30.