Many pieces to make a whole

2013-08-18 07:49:14

In her decades-long career, African-American quilt artist Edna J. Patterson-Petty has never used patterns, photos or drawings.

Ancient sounds, modern music

2013-08-18 07:48:46

Wu Na has been playing the guqin for 23 years, and is passionate about modernizing the traditional instrument.Ancient music brought back to life

Confucius comes to life as a man

2013-08-17 10:29:15

Nearly 2,500 years after Confucius traveled to 14 states to spread his ideas, his direct descendant has written a drama to narrate the journey.

Macabre Addams Family tests musical tastes

2013-08-16 10:46:15

The Broadway adaptation of American cartoonist Charles Addams' black comedy The Addams Family made its debut in China with its original English version on Aug 13.

An artist's self-discovery in Tibet

2013-08-16 10:27:23

Living a fast-paced life in Chengdu, Li Zhaoxia found many youths in China have no belief, and that is why she started her travel to Tibet, to seek and experience the power of belief.

Ballet Swan Lake rehearsed in Taipei

2013-08-16 09:49:37

Performers from Chamber Ballet Taipei rehearse Swan Lake in Taipei, Southeast China's Taiwan, Aug 15, 2013. An adapted version of Swan Lake by Chamber Ballet Taipei will be shown here for three consecutive days from Aug 16.

Amazing colored-glaze art

2013-08-15 10:11:42

Batch production of colored-glaze in Boshan began in the Tang Dynasty, and began to take shape in the Ming Dynasty.

Little amateurs perform Peking Opera in Tianjin

2013-08-14 10:13:58

Little amateur performers of Peking Opera attending a national competition staged a performance here on Monday evening.

Flower grannies keep tradition alive

2013-08-13 14:04:27

Sitting near the exit of People's Square station, one of Shanghai's busiest subway stations, 85-year-old Yang Guoying focuses on her handiwork - tying two Michelia alba (commonly known as ylang-ylang or cempaka, or miangui flower in Chinese) blossoms together with thin wires.

Sand sculpture contest in California

2013-08-13 10:25:41

People pose for photos with the sand sculpture during the 81st Annual Great Sand Sculpture Contest in Long Beach, California, on Aug 11, 2013.

Dating ideas for Qixi

2013-08-12 15:49:54

Qixi, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day, falls on August 13 this year. Let's find out the way to have a special Qixi.

Chinese Qixi festival ornaments

2013-08-12 14:27:00

A woman holds up a pair of ornaments for Qixi, otherwise known as Chinese Valentine's Day, in Bozhou, Anhui province, August 11, 2013.