Chinese buyer grabs Monet work for $27m

2014-05-08 11:31:33

Claude Monet's widely known "Water Lilies" was sold over the phone on May 6 to a Chinese buyer for $24 million, or $27 million with Christie's fees.

20th century buildings viewed as relics

2014-05-08 11:10:10

There has long been a debate among members of the public about whether the giant Soviet-style buildings constructed in Beijing during the 1950s and old factories in Northeast China should be counted as historical relics.

American's lens captures May 4 history

2014-05-07 11:08:08

A photo exhibition in Beijing marks the 95th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement, an important cultural and political movement in modern China.

Design grad builds mini-home

2014-05-07 07:12:50

Wang Le, a recent graduate with a degree in environmental art design from Ningbo University in Zhejiang province has designed a small 3.8 square meter log cabin that stands at a slender 4.2 meters.

From sound waves to light waves

2014-05-04 10:11:19

When Ai Jing, a popular singer-songwriter in the '90s, returned to the limelight after a long hiatus, she did so as a visual artist.

Art Beijing opened

2014-05-01 17:02:58

Nearly 150 galleries and art institutions are offering the best they have to cater to the mainland’s growing powers in consuming art at the National Agriculture Exhibition Center where this year’s Art Beijing runs from May 1-3.

Handcraft fair opens in Beijing

2014-05-01 10:48:19

The exhibition showcases numerous hardcraft art forms including embroidery, kite-making and paper cutting.

Beijing celebrates Baroque classics

2014-04-30 13:24:53

The latest art exhibition 'Rome 17th Century: Towards Baroque' is the second exhibition of a five-year cooperation project between Chinese and Italian museums, and opened to the public at the National Museum of China (NMC) on Wednesday.

Abstract painter incorporates eastern aesthetics

2014-04-30 11:25:44

Chinese abstract painters have been seeking to incorporate eastern aesthetics into their work.

It's graduate season again

2014-04-29 15:52:14

The students strike different poses, and are sometimes funny or challenging. Let's take a look at how creative their photos are.

Taking center stage

2014-04-27 10:24:00

The 25th edition of Macao Arts Festival offers avant-garde performances in historic venues.

Three art schools create global exchange program

2014-04-26 16:09:56

Three institutes for the arts from China and the United Kingdom announced an artist-in-residence exchange program on April 25.