The cabby hears all, and turns it into art

2013-03-31 08:21:23

His career as a New York City taxi driver began with an overnight shift, a creative urge, and a brazen interpretation of privacy laws.

The potential of China's art market

2013-03-29 10:46:30

Prices of Chinese art works could be set higher if exhibitions, cultural centers, and the curation and planning of shows was improved.

The challenges facing the market in China

2013-03-29 10:46:30

Sources of high-end art works have gradually dried up, leaving auctioneers with depleted resources and facing grave difficulties in the collection of items for auction. To collect more high-end work for the next season, some have been forced to travel overseas.

Local versus global

2013-03-29 10:46:30

Along with China, India is another emerging market for Western art collectors. But unlike the Westerners, Chinese collectors show little interest in southeast Asian art. Experts believe this is a result of a strongly nationalistic streak among Chinese collectors.

Falling sales paint a bleak picture for China's art market

2013-03-29 10:43:36

Spring has yet to warm the hearts of China's auctioneers. Instead, a chill wind is blowing through the art market.

Sotheby's Asian art sale moves into new territory

2013-03-29 09:52:27

Sotheby's is hosting its first public exhibition of Asian art with fixed sale prices at its New York headquarters, and more than half the 45 contemporary water-ink paintings by 14 Chinese artists have sold.

Art beat (March 22-April 30)

2013-03-29 09:43:39

Art beat in Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou

Auction items on display

2013-03-29 09:33:40

auction items

Cornering the market

2013-03-29 09:18:17

Auction houses are opening galleries and organizing exhibitions and lectures to improve private sales, in an attempt to enhance their traditional business model.

Fighting spirit

2013-03-28 10:16:49

A tai chi master has struggled to promote the martial art overseas and has won more than 300,000 disciples in 40 countries.An artistic autodidact

Wood artist sees the trees from the forest

2013-03-28 09:41:05

Would an artist prefer to have his creation exhibited in the museum, and admired by thousands, or kept by one person.Star talk series: Stan Lai, dream weaver

Painting exhibition at National Art Museum of China

2013-03-25 19:09:23

painting exhibition