Fire in the sky

2012-12-31 16:27:04

Say goodbye to 2012 with a bang.

The undying language of love

2012-12-31 15:53:01

Romeo and Juliette are singing in French about their everlasting love for the New Year in Shanghai.

Lang Lang holds new year concert with Karen Mok

2012-12-31 14:39:09

Pianist Lang Lang and singer Karen Mok attend a new year concert in Tianjin, north China, Dec 30, 2012.

Old silk road friends

2012-12-31 13:45:57

Visitors to Istanbul between now and early 2013 can savor China's rich history through two exhibitions.

Painter shows his class in Tibetan village

2012-12-31 11:21:47

Professor Wang Qijun (right) of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts shows how life has improved in Sichuan's Tibetan areas.

Young designer produces mature masterpiece

2012-12-31 10:31:46

Ran Xiangfei could be mistaken as an undergraduate student strolling into the Shanghai Italian Center exhibition hall.Trend alert: Losers take it all

Voices that travel

2012-12-31 10:24:46

Made-in-China and trained-in-Korea, TimeZ is the latest cross boundary boy band to make the headlines.

Silence is loud

2012-12-31 10:18:52

Philippe Bizot doesn't say a word on stage and yet, using exaggerated facial expressions and body movements, he expresses himself perfectly.Evolution of a master

Peking Opera season

2012-12-30 16:21:13

Mei Lanfang Grand Theater kicks off its New Year Peking Opera season, lasting until Feb 24.

New Year for the ear

2012-12-28 15:06:10

Renowned conductor Tan Lihua will lead the Beijing Symphony Orchestra at the 2013 Beijing New Year Concert.

Women to the front

2012-12-28 15:04:49

The Today Art Museum is presenting a solo exhibition of Sydney-based Chinese artist Hu Ming.

Touches of ink

2012-12-28 15:01:10

Two watercolor artists are presenting one-man shows at the National Art Museum of China.