Through words or images, artist has no problems expressing self

2014-01-07 07:20:57

Tu Xiangdong, a calligrapher and photographer, says there is plenty to be passionate about in both occupations.

Beijing Opera graduate performances in Tianjin

2014-01-07 09:14:26

Graduate performances by Beijing Opera students at the Tianjin Art Vocational College began at the Dagang Theater in Tianjin on Jan 5, 2013.

Legendary dance for Mogao Grottoes

2014-01-06 11:22:33

Young dancers from the Hangzhou Song and Dance Theater performed the Dunhuang-style dance at the Dunhuang art exhibition at the Zhejiang Art Museum on January 5, 2014.

Art attack

2014-01-03 09:08:49

More commercial buildings are seeing the value of art in attracting customers and encouraging a creative, fun space.

Show highlights artist's eye for nature

2014-01-02 16:56:22

Artist Shi Enzhao, known for large Chinese ink painting landscape scrolls, is hosting a retrospective show at the National Art Museum of China.

Putting folk art skills to work

2014-01-01 07:15:39

Adecade ago, it seemed the best option for young people like Cai Qun from the mountainous areas of Guizhou province was to head to the cities in search of work. However, these days Cai would advise girls to stay in their villages, where there are more employment opportunities than before.

It's a dog's life for Fuzhou exhibition

2013-12-30 16:57:36

An exhibition featuring Daodao, a popular comic canine character created in 2002 by Murong Yindao, a mainland cartoonist, is being held in Fuzhou, Fujian province.

A pattern of performance

2013-12-29 10:35:35

Yayoi Kusama brings her artworks to China in her first large-scale solo exhibition in the country.

Actors in street play highlight green issues

2013-12-28 13:46:14

In the cold haze of Christmas morning, He Yu was waving a mask and dancing in Beijing's streets, with empty plastic bottles on a rope tied around her waist.

Art fair focuses on Asia

2013-12-27 09:43:38

Singapore's leading art fair Art Stage Singapore returns in January with a special focus on Asia.

Exploring history with 3D paintings

2013-12-26 15:46:49

A 3D painting exhibition titled "China Dream" recently opened at the Shuguang 798 Art Museum in Changsha, Hunan province.

Tianjin celebrates 609th anniversary with art show

2013-12-25 16:12:29

The exhibition, titled "Tianjin's Story," was created for the 609th anniversary of the establishment of Tianjin.