Artist paints in cave studio for 30 years

2015-07-21 10:07:42

In order to escape from the turmoil of city life and seek inspiration from nature, 67-year-old artist Song Chuanzhong has been living in a cave for the past 30 years.

Glories of imperial Russia on display

2015-07-21 08:35:56

There were eggs a few years ago, and now there are swords and guns. Mind you, these were not any old eggs, but really fine Easter eggs, decked in gold.

Singer-turned-artist tunes into works with help from Da Vinci

2015-07-21 08:24:24

In Portrait of a Musician, an oil painting thought to have been done by Leonardo da Vinci, a young musician is seen holding a folded musical score.

Professor shows art with a life of its own

2015-07-21 08:17:13

It has taken Sui Jianguo 40 years to evolve from a worker at a cotton mill to a prominent sculptor who embraces a conceptual spirit. Once an amateur ink painter, Sui has dedicated himself to modernizing Chinese sculpture since the 1980s.

Pottery artists mold their dreams at Jingdezhen

2015-07-16 15:10:00

As China is the center of the world's china production, and Jingdezhen is the center of China's china industry, many pottery artists around the world come to Jingdezhen to pursue their china dreams.

Photographer searches 'homeland' inThree Gorges

2015-07-15 07:05:00

Living in Yichang, Central China's Hubei province, some of his most important works such as Three Gorges Scenes, Post Three Gorges Documentaries, and Unknown Homeland, focus on the Three Gorges Project and its influences on nature and society.

Image of identity

2015-07-14 07:19:19

Los Angeles-based multimedia artist Toni Scott presents an anthropological case study of her family history at a solo exhibition in Beijing, entitled DNA - Bloodlines and the Family of Mankind.

Time to celebrate a century of clock-making

2015-07-14 08:04:01

China's own ticking sound has lasted for a century, since a pathfinder's entrepreneurship in Yantai, a seaside city in Shandong province.

Calligraphy show has international reach

2015-07-14 07:53:11

A special calligraphy and seal-cutting exhibition was held on Saturday at the Rongbaozhai Calligraphy Exhibition Hall to promote traditional Chinese culture internationally.

Art of war

2015-07-14 07:43:52

Exhibitions highlight the tragedies and lingering horror of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, Lin Qi reports.

Anything goes

2015-07-13 07:23:37

It's called performance art and is a bit hard to define, because it tends to be interdisciplinary and informal. But loosely put, it's a field where people engage in live action to express themselves to audiences through music, dance, poetry, theater, painting and more.

Art Beat

2015-07-13 07:23:37